Thursday, December 15, 2011

Second Set of Presents

My daughter has been obsessed with Pinkalicious since about September. 

And since I only spent $4 on her other presents, how could make her more presents I knew she would love.  Not to mention she kept telling me she needed Pinkalicious's cupcake.  She pretends to eat this one non-stop.  Unfortunately I spent about $5 making these presents, along with buying the book. 
 Then we bought a pink dress.  That was another $9.  So her free birthday wasn't so free.  But I thought it was all so perfect. Not to mention she loves pink dresses, and doesn't have many.  Plus it was from Ross, plus doesn't every frilly girl need a birthday dress.
 Minus the pants, what do you think, just like Pinkalicious without the Brown pink-tails.
By the way I didn't quite want to embroiderer Pinkalicious on the crown but I was running out of time and couldn't come up with anything better, because I didn't want to do Happy Birthday again, although I probably should have.  Pinkalicious is better than Princess in my opinion.  Once I realized I made my son's crown on his third birthday I was very happy with my decision to make my daughter more birthday presents. Its just decemeber birthday are insane!

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