Monday, August 18, 2014

Stocking Boards

A few Christmases ago I made myself a stocking board since we have no fireplace. I used an old family home evening board. Well a few months ago someone we knew moved and gave Brent two propane tanks. When she dropped them off she said, could you use a family home evening board? I said I already have one, she said come on, you know you know someone who needs one. I said sure, because rule one of getting free stuff from someone: you have to take more than you want. Two of my siblings don't have fireplaces either, so I turned these two give away boards into stocking boards for them. I really really love them. 
 I peeled off the vinyl, scrubbed off the leftover adhesive and then added one more coat of black paint. I traced/free handed the lettering, with a silver sharpie just like I did with mine.
 Did I mention I love both of these boards? My siblings both picked out their fonts. Also turns out you could use a stocking board on your fireplace. *Say what? mine blown*
Another link to my board.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Big Sibling Shirts

Remember how I made shirts for my kids?  
Well it took me too long to take the photos, so Ikey's shirt is too small for him, but I finally got pictures of everyone in them. (Look at that drool bomb.)
I over saturated the colors in attempt to see the embroidery, but I'm not sure it work too well. Ah, such is white shirts.
 All the boys. Oh their brown eyes.
 This girl loves the baby more than humanly possible.

Oh how I'll miss hearing this toddler voice yelling for his big brother one day.  I love the way he says, "Osh!"

Friday, July 11, 2014

Pink Boy's Room

I have my second son in my daughter's pink room.  I had regrets painting the room pink even before I painted it.  That's a story for a different time, which I think I've blogged about in the past. Anyway.  My 5 year old and my 1 year old share a room, for now.  Even though the wall is pink, his corner isn't TOO bad for a little boy.  I found the temple print on pinterest.

For months I wanted pictures over my daughter's bed that matched. I never could find anything on pinterest so I ended up making my own. Now you are probably wondering why I used ghetto oak frames, because the crib, the bookcase, the dresser and the floor boards are all oak.  
 The Child of God isn't the best, but it works. I LOVE the Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam. The sun is the design from Tangled.  Even though she hasn't been a sunbeam for two years she still loves the song. (My oldest has refused to sing the song since he aged out of the class.) Overall I'm not sure I even like this.  But you know the cost of this project was free! Its been a long time since I've been happy with this room, overall we have TOO much junk!
I also remade the wreath, but I can't find an original, it was pink. It was too much pink.
 Here it is seeing both sides.
I use to have darling white sheer curtains that went to the floor, but those don't block the sun and this room faces east.  So now my window looks a little top heavy.  It use to look perfect....
I also wish I had a different light.  But you know, I've been pondering what to put there for three years.  The room probably needs a fan.

Here is some history on the room,

Mother's Necklace

Remember my mother's necklace? Well my mom wanted one but I am one of seven kids, so I didn't think it would look good, so I told her no. I few months ago I found a style that would work with so many stones.  She has July, June, October, December, October again, September (that's me!) and finishes with August. I fittingly gave it to her for Mother's Day of all holidays. 
It can go short,
Or long.  (Too bad this picture stinks, huh?)
So versatile.

 By the way I added a fourth stone to mine, since I have a January baby now. It was super hard to find fake garnet. I think this design is the best for three stones.  Two wasn't as good, and four is definitely not as pleasing as three, any more than four would be even worse.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Wreath

I know to the rest of you it is summertime, but it was snowing here two weeks ago, so to me its only springtime. And in honor of spring, I wanted a new wreath for my front door. One with lots of colors.  So I made this a few weeks ago.
My fabric flowers are suppose to be little purple pansies, because I love purple pansies.  And then I threw in a daisy for good measure, because my daughter always wants to grow daisies.  Can you believe I can't find daisy seeds a the store? I do love daises too.  Just like Meg Ryan says in You've Got Mail.  Don't know what she says?  You should watch it, its an hysterical movie, I got it from my library a few months ago, and my husband also laugh through most of it.
Its a pretty cheery wreath, but in a way it feels like something is missing without bunting or an H.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Baby #4's Quilt

Did I ever show you the finished quilt I made for baby #4.  Baby #3, wanted to be my model.  I'm sure these pictures would have looked better if I would have cropped.

The front:
Three green stripes for three boys.

The back:  There are four stripes because he is the fourth kid.  And three green circles because he is the third boy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthday Crown

I've made a few birthday crowns over the years, although I can't find pictures of all of them at this time.
Here are a few of them: Birthday Boy, CupcakePinkalicious- that I've since picked out and written Princess Natalie, Tulle,  Buttons
 A few months ago a friend's daughter had a birthday.  I made her this for my daughter to give her.  A few years ago we gave the older sister a crown. I wanted this to look different than the last which had tulle. I picked the fabric because I thought it was so pretty.  She likes purple, but also it was a Frozen party, so I figured blue was fitting. Unfortunately I couldn't come up with a way for her name to be that visible through the pattern. :(
My daughter wouldn't pose for me, so I used my 20 month old son.  What a mean mom I am. In my defense my oldest son has a crown, just not a girl crown.
 Look how cute he is, with his brown eyes, his ears folded over and tongue sticking out.
I wanted the crown to be just as pretty as a tulle crown, so I used REAL pearls on it.  I'm not sure if I achieved what I was aiming for.

 Does it channel any Frozen? Its at least the right color scheme.

Daddy Crafts

Back in January Daddy, made a craft with the kids.  It was quite humorous for a few weeks while everyone took turns being silly.

Pinterest Fail

My little toddler has super sensitive skin, but being a toddler loves bubble in his bath. I'm not sure he's ever experienced bubble bath, because I'm worried about his skin. So I found on pinterest how to make homemade bubble bath. Its super easy, plus I can control the brands.
Homemade Bubble Bath1/2 cup shampoo3/4 cup water1/4 teaspoon saltIn a bowl, mix the shampoo and water until well combined.  Add salt and stir until it thickens slightly.  Use a funnel to pour it into a bottle.
Sadly though, I picked up conditioner in the store not shampoo. Didn't quite work, but I had to try because I had already committed myself to my 5 year old. See those chunks? Yeah that's conditioner.  The blue is from crayola bath dyes
Although in pinterest's defense I didn't follow the recipe.  I'm going to have to try this again with the right products.
They ended up super slippery! Even after rinsing them off, I decided to see what would happened if I skipped lotion, considering how slippery they where.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Bunting

I didn't like my old easter bunting very much, I wanted something more vintage-y feeling. (It was the common peep bunting.)  So I made new stuff, how I found the time is beyond me, because I mostly keep up on laundry and cleaning my kitchen. 
 Best part it was free, I was determined not to spend money on it, so I used what I had.  Plus its miserable going to the store with two babies. I wish the eggs were all different color polka dot, but I used what I had, plus the close quilt shop went out of business. I'm always sad about that.
I feel like it matches better with my easter bunny down there. 
I love my easter bunny, at the time it was a really hard decision, but I saw the price the other day-- $32.  $30 is now like a drop in the hat! (By the way I know my chair is too far to the right its pushed as far over as possible so my toddler can watch out the window.)

(That picture in the corner is my toddler's favorite picture, I think he knows its him, because we talk about the picture all the time.  He goes up and blows it kisses.)
Overall, all I really want to do is make more pillows for my couch.  I have the fabric I just need to get the pillow forms, I'm pushing it off to save my money for longer... Because you know $32 is a drop in the hat so I have to wait on some stuff, so its not ALL gone.  I have dreams in life, that require saving money.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine Flowers

I don't think my husband has bought me flowers since we got married.  He does this thing from time to time when we are at the store asking if I want flowers.  One day, I called him on it, I said, of course I don't want flowers if I know they cost $20.  He said well if I don't offer when you can see the price then you'll want me to waste our money.  At least he knows me. I could also buy myself flowers, I buy myself loads of presents, but yet I don't because who wants to waste the money? Not me.  But I do like flowers, so I end up making flowers with scrap of fabric and other craft items that cost zero dollars.  On Saturday I decided I wanted some Valentine's flowers, so of course I had to make them before my baby is born.  I decided this tulle poof, Dr. Seuss trulia flowers were what I needed. 
 Then I used an old jar I had laying around for a vase. I used this tutorial.
 But my valentine flower needs did not end there.  The fabric flowers I had next to my subway art, clashed quite awfully with my wreath and valentine subway art, so I decided to make some really easy flowers with my glue gun.
Considering it has snowed all day, its nice to have all these cheery valentine's flowers around my house.

A Wreath I Don't Need

I made this wreath.  I saw it two or three times of pinterest during the holidays, and totally fell in love with it.  I thought it was adorable, but I really have no place for another wreath.  
 Then when I re-did my january wreath, I found myself with an extra wreath form, and since I already had 3 yards of this burlap furniture tape stuff, I made the wreath, because how could I resist.
The other night I added these felt love birds I made last valentine's.  They match perfect with wreath.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Big Brother Shirts

Everyone has grown out of the big sister or big brother or baby brother shirts from a year and half ago.  So I guess it was time to make new ones, actually my 7 year old kept talking about his future big brother shirt when the new baby came.  I probably would have tried to skip this tradition, if it wasn't for his excitement.  This time around, I really hated this craft. The only reason I started or finished was my love for my oldest child.  (That is the common refrain for the crafts posted today. I didn't enjoy the craft at all, but I did it so my child would feel loved. In a way it makes sense, they watch me make lots of things for the new baby, so it helps a little for them to get new things I've made. They beg for far more than I make them, but how many mini pillows and doll/teddy bear blankets does one house need.)
As you can see I did not go over the top this time, they are as simple as I could make them barring using a sharpie instead of embroidery. I didn't want white shirts, but I had white shirts for everyone but the oldest, so it was far cheaper and easier this way.
They say, Baby Brother
Little Big Brother (I never could figure out what order the adjectives should go in)
Big Sister with a heart
Biggest Brother
Hope my children enjoy them, I hate them.

Door Hangers

My 7 and 5 year old really love things on their bedroom door, to indicate it is their room. When we moved around bedroom roommates, the toddler is now with the 5 year old, because the baby will be with the 8 year old.  (His birthday is coming, I guess both of their birthdays.)  I made new door hangers, but mostly because the old ones were wooden and made too much noise, making me crazy.  
 The embroidery isn't original designs, I saw them on pinterest, which probably came from etsy. They were on hoops not quilt squares though.  There is something about me in my third trimester that is drawn to making children's bedroom decor from unfinished quilt squares.  (Check out a year and half ago. Here and here.)
I love them, because they are silent, and each kid has their own.  But overall I ended up hating this project.  I had to will myself to finish.  I'm having the hardest time naming this baby, so his square doesn't have a name. 
Speaking of names, last night my oldest suggested Elvis Lee.  Kind of catchy actually, but I'm not using it.

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Pillows

Months ago it became very apparent I needed new pillows, the stuffing was so flat by that point.  But pillows are not something my husband cares about so it seemed like they should come out of my personal budget not the family budget. (Camping gear comes out of his personal budget not the family budget so it only seems fair.) Well it took me a while to find the money in my budget, but I finally did.  So I FINALLY made new pillows for my black chairs in my living room.  I've only been planning new pillows since about May.  So this is a huge deal for me!  These prints are not the fabric I had been saving for the pillows, but I changed my mind when I actually started the project.  Hooray, for the project.  I'm pretty sure I have a funky style, because I picked this bunny print out of my fabric storage.  I had been saving it for something special, and I feel like my living room pillow is that.  It reminds me of old bunny.  (My oldest has given up old bunny, in fact a few months ago he said we could give it away.  Like I could ever give away old bunny, its now on the top of his book shelf, leaving me forlorn that my baby grew up.)
 Next I made this one.
 Here is another shot.
 Then I stared at my couch, something was wrong its been wrong for a while. When all of sudden realize there was too much brown between the pillow and the quilt.  So I made a new pillow.  I need new forms on my couch too, but they aren't as pathetic and I didn't want to blow my whole personal budget on pillows in one week. When I get new forms, I probably won't make new covers.

Here is my oldest at about 21 months with his old bunny, and his uncle.  Logically I don't miss my oldest being little, he exasperated me for years, 3-5 are not my favorite ages, but oh my heart does miss that pudgy little boy, now he is bean pole.