Monday, August 18, 2014

Stocking Boards

A few Christmases ago I made myself a stocking board since we have no fireplace. I used an old family home evening board. Well a few months ago someone we knew moved and gave Brent two propane tanks. When she dropped them off she said, could you use a family home evening board? I said I already have one, she said come on, you know you know someone who needs one. I said sure, because rule one of getting free stuff from someone: you have to take more than you want. Two of my siblings don't have fireplaces either, so I turned these two give away boards into stocking boards for them. I really really love them. 
 I peeled off the vinyl, scrubbed off the leftover adhesive and then added one more coat of black paint. I traced/free handed the lettering, with a silver sharpie just like I did with mine.
 Did I mention I love both of these boards? My siblings both picked out their fonts. Also turns out you could use a stocking board on your fireplace. *Say what? mine blown*
Another link to my board.