Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween '12 Costume #4

The Grass: 
the flagship of costumes this year
My six year old has been talking about being grass this Halloween since November 1, 2011.  We bought an "outdoor rug" ie astro turf. I cut it up and glue gunned it on sweat pants and a shirt.  Luckily I bought too big of a shirt for J because the astro turf has no stretch or give and is hard to pull the shirt on and off.  We cut slits in the collar, and on the sides of the shirt, so we could get it up and over his head.  The sleeves are covered in leaves so he can actually move his arms. The legs have a break in the turf at the knees. I thought the bugs were a good addition on the astro turf.  Last night before our couple's Halloween party, we went to the school's fall festival.  His teachers loved it, (his classroom teacher and his librarians).
I don't even want to try to to estimate the cost of this costume.
The astro turf was $12, I bought the shirt (4.95), luckily we had sweatpants that were forming a hole in the knee.
Then I bought the leaves and spent about $5, and another dollar on bugs from the dollar store.
20+ glue sticks.
The hat came from the large collection of family reunion hats we have.

I don't think costume #5 the backpacker will actually make an appearance on this blog.  Since it involved no crafting on my part.

Halloween '12 Costume #3

The fox.
After my daughter was a cat her first halloween, I've taken over her cat ears. The family seems to think it is fun that I'm "dressed up".  Well this year, after I saw this adorable costume on etsy, and thought wouldn't it be cute if someone in my family was a fox.  Then I decided it fit with the woodland theme, of grass, a gnome, and a fairy. So I decided I would dress up like a fox.  I have to admit I'm embarrassed posting a picture of my Halloween costume.  It was convenient I made a costume this year, because my husband and I went to a Halloween party.  He stuck with the theme, and dressed up as a backpacker, best part he needed no new supplies.  (We didn't actually take our children to the party.) Unfortunately he changed before I got a picture of us together.
Cost of the costume:
$3 for an orange shirt
$ .46 on felt
$2.68 for a pack of headbands, most of which are now my daughter's I only needed one

 I made the famous pinterest scarf, for my costume. I used the whole shirt for my costume except for one sleeve.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween '12 Costume #2

I love it, I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything cuter.
Super easy costume, all we did was the hat.  Some people but beards on gnome costumes, but that is silly.  Gnomes have to have babies too, so it looks perfect this way.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eek Frame

Back on the craft day my friend and I had at the beginning of the month, we made these eyeball frames, when we made the snake wreath.  We got them from pinterest, but we added a spider instead.  It took me until two night ago to get a picture in it. I'm lame I know.

Knee Deep

Yesterday I was knee deep in Halloween Costumes.  Luckily my husband is supportive, he told me he would mow the plastic grass when he got home. 
I finished at 9:30 last night, my hands are bruised and burned.  The sleeves are staying gray, I like to think of them as the rocks in xeriscaping. 
When I was half way done with the costume my 6 year old told me he was 1% happy with it, meaning half way happy.  When he tried it on this morning, he said it was good.  I'm taking it.

Halloween Shirt

Back in September I decided I was going to make my daughter a halloween shirt, because I didn't like what Walmart had, and didn't feel like shopping beyond my small town.  In the words of my brother Ben when I was in college, I'm so lazy I'm not.  For the some reason I let my 3 year old design the shirt, so I ended up with a design I wasn't too excited about.  When she broke her arm, so I stopped making it because it was too hard to put long sleeves on the cast.  Now that the cast is off, I finished the shirt. 

 Unfortunately now she has forgotten it is her original design and thinks the shirt is scary, and doesn't want to wear it. Poo, I was hoping we could get three wearings out of it before Halloween. I tried bribing her with candy, but she won't take the bate.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween '12 Costume #1

Costume #1 for the season is a flower fairy. 
Very fitting because she is currently working at pronouncing her 'F's in speech therapy.  Sometimes I wonder why I make homemade costumes.  When I asked my husband he told me I enjoyed it.  
 Flower Crown
The best thing is the costume was almost free, all I spent was a $1 on felt for the crown, and $2 on the wire for the shape of the crown.  The shirt and lace was all given to us.  I bought the material for the tutu last year. The wand was left over from her birthday party last year, that I changed up.
I used this tutorial for the roses. Lesson learned the hard way, mechanical pencils are hard to write on felt with, use a traditional pencil.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Thanks to pinterest and Martha, my friend and I had craft afternoon.  We made snake wreaths.  I love them.
I have no idea what else to say.
I think I need to cut off the sticks that poke off.