Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Shirt

Back in September I decided I was going to make my daughter a halloween shirt, because I didn't like what Walmart had, and didn't feel like shopping beyond my small town.  In the words of my brother Ben when I was in college, I'm so lazy I'm not.  For the some reason I let my 3 year old design the shirt, so I ended up with a design I wasn't too excited about.  When she broke her arm, so I stopped making it because it was too hard to put long sleeves on the cast.  Now that the cast is off, I finished the shirt. 

 Unfortunately now she has forgotten it is her original design and thinks the shirt is scary, and doesn't want to wear it. Poo, I was hoping we could get three wearings out of it before Halloween. I tried bribing her with candy, but she won't take the bate.

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