Friday, August 14, 2015

To craft or not to craft?

Years ago, when my third baby was a baby. I crafted all the time, it was my anti-depressant. Maybe that's where I went wrong with my fourth. I'm so busy, I never never have time to craft anymore.
I hate the glorification of busy, but yet, my life is really busy. With two toddlers under three and two grade schoolers.
Who knows if I'll ever craft again.
I spend so much time with my kids. My two oldest were so good at not worry about what their momma was doing. I always found time for the things I love to do. My two youngest, they are worst than shadows glued on with soap. They are always on my heals and I never ever get anything productive done anymore.
Oh well such is life.
I've now realized that fat babies grow up in today skinny kids, and I am happy to rock my babies a day long even if they aren't so much babies anymore.

I'm so crafty I grow humans even after I give birth to them.