Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lightening McQueen Book Bag

Well the almost 2 year old was jealous of the the Sunbeam's Book of Mormon book bag. So a few weeks after the first bag, I make him his own Lightening McQueen Book Bag.
 Needless to say, the almost 2 year old is thrilled beyond belief. He likes it with Lightening McQueen on the outside. I didn't have enough Lightening fabric to make handles in red.
 His barely fits a board book. He feels really awesome walking in to church with his own scripture bag, you can see his swagger in the way he walks when he thinks he is a big boy. Its the way he walks in the grocery store when its only him and me and I let him walk.
The unfortunate thing about his swagger is he walks EVEN slower. He is my slowest walker at this age. He can run fast but he walks slow. I was worried about him in nursery without his older brother with him. They are BFFs and for many months he was very unsure about his class, but boy does he love being the big man on campus. He is the second youngest in nursery, but he is positive he is now in charge. He spent 6 months learning the ropes, and now he is ready.