Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Racecars

While I was with my mom, we made more car caddys!  I'm sure one day this will madness will end, because think all my preschool/toddler nephews now have one, or will after christmas.  I don't know when my mom is giving them out.  Shh, don't tell my nephews, I don't even know who these are for, hopefully my mom remembers. 
These are by far my favorite design.  I love this material, so little boy cute.  Bizarrely enough after months we could barely find anything with cars at JoAnn's, I found this material at wally world.
With some of the left over, I made my son a race-car flag.  He has been wanting one.  This child has interesting wants.  Oh the joys of a mom that sews.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Aprons

I made some aprons over the summer.
I used this tutorial, because the tutorial was so cute.  
I really loved this pink and brown baking material. Not to mention polka dots, who doesn't love polka dots?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Black Apple Dolls

I've been wanting to make some Black Apple Dolls for a while now. I showed my mom the Martha tutorial, she said lets do it now.  I also showed her my favorite set on Inside a black apple blog, of a doll and her bear.  She said lets do it again, I hadn't thought about the possibility of making a bear myself, I just wished she had one for sale on her etsy site. But here are the finished dolls, of Nan dolly, and her bear.
Sure they aren't quite as great as the real thing, but she did the tutorial with Martha so you don't have to feel guilty at all about making them. Not to mention most of her things for sale is her art, not dolls.  I really love some of the art, like Red Riding Hood, do you think Nan will dress up in a red cape for Halloween one year?  I hope. It would be super great if I could get J in a wolf costume, but I won't hold my breath. 
She loves the dolls like all dolls. (These pictures are not posed.)
She loves them and its perfect, because she is in a Goldilocks stage of life.  (You know consuming everything anyone has to give.) Here is a close up of the Nan doll, with her short yellow/goldilock bob. Unfortunately her close up doesn't show her stripy legs/tights.
The bear's close up, if I were to do it again, I would use two layers of brown for her face, so the stuffing doesn't get poky.  But I love her crochet collar, we cut it of a handkerchief/doily.
She really loves the bear so much, my mom also made a set of dolls and while we were in Texas, Nan would carry both bears around.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pirate Maps

When your mommy sews a lot of your life, you want her to sew you things. Not to mention you don't realize its not cool to want to buy material yet, so you want to get some for yourself. But you don't actually like going to the fabric store and cry when you pull in the parking lot, and sometimes just mention as we drive past that you don't want to go there today. Anyway, so we have pirate material, because it is what my son picked out a year ago. There is only so long, I can handle an unsewed frayed fat quarter so eventually (months ago) it got made into a pirate map. Arg! Mateys.
While at my mom's house during the great sewing extravaganza. My son picked our more pirate material. Arg Mateys. This map is smaller. He likes to try to teach his friends how to play pretend games with pirate maps, but they don't get it, I've realized all those hippy parents are right.  Wooden toys, cloth toys are different, they require a different skill set.  But don't worry my kids have plenty of plastic toys, so they blend in with the rest of the world. And don't you fret you non sewing non crafty moms, I have seen no difference in playing with store bought wooden and cloth and homemade.
Yes, those are the manly versions  of dolly blankets. They also double as great old bunny blankets. As does the dog dolly blanket. I'm pretty sure my daughter has more than enough dolly blankets and pillows. We don't iron dolly blankets, although I do occasionally launder them.

But if its one thing my kids love its little pillows. They would love to have their beds full of pillows of various sizes all outfitted with material they pick out.  My husband would claim they get that from me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Sweater for when my Sciptures Get Cold

Winter will be here in a little while and I didn't want my scriptures getting cold on the walk to church. Just kidding, I wanted to try a felting project made from an old wool sweater.  I found this tutorial, but my mom and I were really feeling it, so we took our own route. I did the machine sewing, and my mother hand sewed the top seam.  I was grateful, she does invisible stitching much better than me. Then I embroidered the L after her suggestion.

It would be the perfect size bag for a regular size set of LDS scriptures, but I have the small quad so it leaves plenty of room for pens, keys, a cell phone on silent, and other such stuff.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


While visiting my mom, we made a list of 13 crafts we wanted to do, we almost finished them all!  Sweet huh!  It was a crafting bliz, and I'll only have minimal finish work when I get home.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Are you wondering where I have been? Me and crafts are having a difficult time right now. Don't believe me? Look below,
yes, I burned an iron mark in my material, I don't think I have ever done that before.