Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Birthday Bunting

Long story short, I needed a birthday surprises for a friend. So the other three of us, left a candle, banana bread and heart attacked her front door in fall colors. I volunteered to making the Happy Birthday sign.
 Here is the close up, I used sharpie, paper, glue stick and my die cutter. It took me about an hour to make. Not bad, it was fun.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Elsa the Turkey

If you've ever had a kindergarten you've probably had to disguise Tom the Turkey.  
Here is my son's turkey.
Can you guess who Tom is dressed as? I'll give you a clue, its not a Viking opera singer, singing "Let it snow, let it snow...."
 This is the picture my 5 year old took.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Thanksgiving Wreath

Remember, I wanted a new wreath, so I went down to Michael's used a 40% coupon and bought myself a new grapevine wreath for $3.
Overall I was quite disappointed in the trip, because of veterans day I had ALL my children with me. I also had a 25% of my entire purchase, so I bought a few things I didn't need today, but I would in the future. The cashier rang it up wrong. It seemed wrong when I paid for it but I was trying to make sure I didn't lose any children especially my two year old. I looked at it in the car. She rang it up wrong, she took 25% off one item. Since I was in the back of the parking lot and nap time was looming, it didn't seem worth it to go get my $2.50. You hear that @Michael's your cashiers struggle with the 25% off the entire purchase, this is not the first time it has happened to me.
Anyway, back to my wreath.
 The white paint on the wreath will look a lot better in a month when its been weathered outside.
The felt leaves have stitching on them, but you can't really see.
Since I used left over felt and ribbon, the total cost was $3. Wahoo.
I'm going to take off the leaves in a few weeks and Christmasized it. Its time for a new christmas wreath, my other one is four years old, which is eternity in craft years. Actually I'm not sure, I'm considering changing my old one. Only time will tell.

Thanksgiving Heart

I needed a different thanksgiving wreath for my wine rack this year. I had no interest in recreating last year's
I decided to use my heart shape foam wreath. I covered it in burlap and tulle like last year. I made my sign from copying an old pin on pinterest. I'm so unoriginal, I'm pretty sure that is what pinterest is all about copying other people's crafts.
I took some leaves off this wreath. Three years ago when I made that wreath I was so obsessed, but now its on my front door and I'm so done with it. I'm considering making a new wreath and throwing away that one. There is only 16 days until thanksgiving I'm not sure its worth it to make a new one.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

I made a pumpkin patch for my kitchen counter. My kids helped, Nat painted the stems and J made the leaves. They are made from old soup cans and scrapbook paper. The kids were so proud of the additions. 
What I really wanted was 2x4 block pumpkins. But that would have required me to buy wood and then ask my husband to cut to for me. And I really didn't want to buy wood, because I'm trying to save my money. Plus these were far easier, they took me about 10 minutes to cut and tape the paper, and since I only spent $1.50 on paper (scrapbook paper is expensive) I won't feel bad throwing them out. Painting wood is many more steps.

You didn't really think we were done?

Once again Nat changed Halloween Costumes yet again. She was Rapunzel at school and then the Pirate Princess for trick or treating. This costume was made from construction paper. Construction paper is what you get when you are on your FOURTH costumes. 
I also pinned up her dress, and we put on pirate boots and leggings. It would have been great to ad a belt, but I didn't have on her size, and I didn't think a construction paper belt would have held up too well.
The inspiration: