Sunday, January 22, 2012


Remember these?
Yeah, I threw them away when we moved, there was no way I was moving empty kleenex boxes even if they were pretty.  I don't regret not moving them, but I wish I had them, if that makes sense?
I want to make these to replace them.

But I'm planning on getting a new car this year, and every dollar I don't spend on something means a dollar I don't have to pay interest on so, I got to like seriously budget, save and be frugal, and $10 on mailboxes, just is not in the budget this February. But oh how I love those mailboxes, more than like any other valentine thing on pinterest this year.
Instead I think I'll make these:
But in different colors for everyone's favorite colors.  I don't feel the need to make everything red. Plus it will add some valentines flare to make kitchen which often doesn't get decorated.  I can't handle decorations and crumbs.  Ahh, it makes me want to cry thinking about it!
While we are talking about valentine's I seriously love this pillow

And I really would like to make a valentine tree, its great because its free. Will someone help me find and arrange my branches?  Maybe one of my brown eyed boys will help me.

But I got off topic, go stare at the mailboxes, I want to make, and pretend they are in my house.


Whew, the middle of February is a busy time for our family, and I like things over the top. I'm trying to plan it so I know what to do eat day.
We have Valentines and my husband's birthday, then two days later is my son's birthday.
So part of me wants some sort of homemade valentine's treat for my kids, and then I need a dessert for my husband's birthday.  I think we'll make cookies the weekend before.
Then for my husband's birthday we would preferably a strawberry dessert.

I will probably attempt his mom's strawberry pie, he always tells me I didn't make it right, but over the years I've realized I'm ok with that, his mom deserves to be glorified by him. (And in his defense, I do change it from time to time.)
For the first couple of years I always told him I wanted to make it for his birthday, and he always told me it wasn't strawberry season.  Well this year I've decided who cares, globalization has made valentine's strawberry season, so who cares.
The following day I need to make something for my son to take to school, the next morning and he does not really like cake. Luckily I can make the treat this year.  I was thinking I wanted to make chocolate chip sandwich cookies, but maybe they'll just get plain cookies

The for his birthday, I was still thinking the chocolate chip cake, but will he get chocolate chip overloaded?  I don't know, he never has before.
But may its too hard to do all this in a week, so I'm thinking this would be a good idea for his birthday.  My husband says it sounds gross, but I know my son will love it.
All it is ice cream sandwiches and whipped cream frozen, I know my son will love it.
What do you think, chocolate chip cookie ice box cake, or Easy Ice Cream sandwich cake?

Then the following day we'll have his friend party, what to make what to make, for a child who doesn't really like cake?
How about this chocolate chip cookie bowls with ice cream on top?  I'm thinking ten 5-6 year olds will think it is fun, and my son will love eating it.
But instead maybe I'll make a giant chocolate chip cookie, and serve ice cream after we cut it up for the kids.  The giant chocolate chip cookie is probably more exciting to kids than cookie bowls. The last time I made my son a giant chocolate chip cookie he didn't really like it, but that's because the recipe didn't put enough chocolate chips in it. If I got m&m baking chips he would really like that, although I wouldn't.

He wants chocolate dipped oreos, which is my own fault, but I don't really know how and I don't really have the energy to learn in the next four weeks.
What do you think?  Chocolate chip cookie bowls, or giant birthday cookie?
I'm thinking I'll go easier, then hard on each one.  If I only had event I would go over the top.
But I think the ice cream sandwhich icebox cake, and the giant cookie. My plan for his school birthday, is to make the cookies ahead of time and freeze them.
Oh on top of this I'm assistant room mom, and I think I'm in charge of the valentine's party in kindergarten.  Plus my son's birthday is the 100th day of school, so we also have to do something to bring in for 100th day.  Whew, are you tired just reading this post?
Good think I'm obsessive planner or none of this would get done.
And at one point I thought wanted to throw my husband a birthday party because its his 30th!
Although that still sounds appealing, maybe an open house the weekend before!?
It would be super fun if we rented a ping pong table, but I'm sure that is not in the budget.
Please readership I know most of you don't post, tell me your opinions and advice.

Monday, January 9, 2012

You don't want to know

I have a sickness, its called obsessive Halloween planning.
My son has been talking about wanting to be grass for months.  I know Halloween is not for another 10 monutes, but my son is obsessed with holidays. I haven't the slightest idea where he would pick up an obsession.  He is planning other holidays while enjoying current holidays, which is all fine and dandy, as long as there are no tears involved.
So he wants to be grass for Halloween 2012, he thinks it would be so funny. He has an odd sense of humor for a 5 year old.
Well you know my brain, now I have a whole family theme.  Will it last, will he still want to be grass in 10 months, only October will tell.  Wouldn't be great though if my theme worked?  Sorry no more details at this point.
By the way I just googled grass Halloween costume, the good mormon girl in me, makes me slightly naive sometimes. I should clarify, he wants to look like walking astro turf.  He has no need to propagate a legal drug in the state of Colorado with a prescription.