Sunday, January 22, 2012


Remember these?
Yeah, I threw them away when we moved, there was no way I was moving empty kleenex boxes even if they were pretty.  I don't regret not moving them, but I wish I had them, if that makes sense?
I want to make these to replace them.

But I'm planning on getting a new car this year, and every dollar I don't spend on something means a dollar I don't have to pay interest on so, I got to like seriously budget, save and be frugal, and $10 on mailboxes, just is not in the budget this February. But oh how I love those mailboxes, more than like any other valentine thing on pinterest this year.
Instead I think I'll make these:
But in different colors for everyone's favorite colors.  I don't feel the need to make everything red. Plus it will add some valentines flare to make kitchen which often doesn't get decorated.  I can't handle decorations and crumbs.  Ahh, it makes me want to cry thinking about it!
While we are talking about valentine's I seriously love this pillow

And I really would like to make a valentine tree, its great because its free. Will someone help me find and arrange my branches?  Maybe one of my brown eyed boys will help me.

But I got off topic, go stare at the mailboxes, I want to make, and pretend they are in my house.

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