Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Big Sibling Shirts

Remember how I made shirts for my kids?  
Well it took me too long to take the photos, so Ikey's shirt is too small for him, but I finally got pictures of everyone in them. (Look at that drool bomb.)
I over saturated the colors in attempt to see the embroidery, but I'm not sure it work too well. Ah, such is white shirts.
 All the boys. Oh their brown eyes.
 This girl loves the baby more than humanly possible.

Oh how I'll miss hearing this toddler voice yelling for his big brother one day.  I love the way he says, "Osh!"

Friday, July 11, 2014

Pink Boy's Room

I have my second son in my daughter's pink room.  I had regrets painting the room pink even before I painted it.  That's a story for a different time, which I think I've blogged about in the past. Anyway.  My 5 year old and my 1 year old share a room, for now.  Even though the wall is pink, his corner isn't TOO bad for a little boy.  I found the temple print on pinterest.

For months I wanted pictures over my daughter's bed that matched. I never could find anything on pinterest so I ended up making my own. Now you are probably wondering why I used ghetto oak frames, because the crib, the bookcase, the dresser and the floor boards are all oak.  
 The Child of God isn't the best, but it works. I LOVE the Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam. The sun is the design from Tangled.  Even though she hasn't been a sunbeam for two years she still loves the song. (My oldest has refused to sing the song since he aged out of the class.) Overall I'm not sure I even like this.  But you know the cost of this project was free! Its been a long time since I've been happy with this room, overall we have TOO much junk!
I also remade the wreath, but I can't find an original, it was pink. It was too much pink.
 Here it is seeing both sides.
I use to have darling white sheer curtains that went to the floor, but those don't block the sun and this room faces east.  So now my window looks a little top heavy.  It use to look perfect....
I also wish I had a different light.  But you know, I've been pondering what to put there for three years.  The room probably needs a fan.

Here is some history on the room,

Mother's Necklace

Remember my mother's necklace? Well my mom wanted one but I am one of seven kids, so I didn't think it would look good, so I told her no. I few months ago I found a style that would work with so many stones.  She has July, June, October, December, October again, September (that's me!) and finishes with August. I fittingly gave it to her for Mother's Day of all holidays. 
It can go short,
Or long.  (Too bad this picture stinks, huh?)
So versatile.

 By the way I added a fourth stone to mine, since I have a January baby now. It was super hard to find fake garnet. I think this design is the best for three stones.  Two wasn't as good, and four is definitely not as pleasing as three, any more than four would be even worse.