Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How we roll

This is my son all ready to visit his cousins. His stuff animal puppies in a sack I made him, inside a sling I made him. Dressed in camo, with a backpack full of clean underwear.

I made him the sling with scrap of material before his baby sister was born, in case he got jealous I was holding the baby too much. He could careless if I'm holding her, but he does like caring stuff animals around the house in his sling.

Monday, March 30, 2009

More babies

...means more blankets. We met my husband's nephew, well our new nephew this weekend. And brought him this blanket. Don't worry, its not just hens, there are roosters too (I think).
Now here it is in a wad. Yup, I think his mom liked it, they are big chicken people on my husband's side.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summer/Spring Door Hanging

I wanted some easter or something hanging, but didn't want to spend much. I had been putting it off buying something, but I also really wanted to display some fake floral Gerber daisies in my house since the headbands, because I thought they were just SO pretty. I wanted them in all their long stem glory, and didn't have a vase nearly tall enough. Then the other night as I was falling asleep it struck me! I had to go the store the next day, and I created this! For only 5 dollars, all the Easter wreathes were at least $15. Plus I can keep it up until fall.

It makes me so happy to see them from inside my house. I asked my little brother if he liked them when he came to visit me. He said, when he pulled up he could see them and he thought, I'm at Lesli's house. Yeah I know I fish for complements.
I also bought this fake grass when I was at the store. I have a thing for fake grass lately. According to JD this duck's head is on backward, I always thought it was looking over its shoulder. Maybe I just have a thing for perfect grass, and our real stuff outside the rental is anything but perfect.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rag Quilt

I cut out material for a rag quilt when my son was around 10 months old (now three years old). I was about 5 months away from getting my undergraduate degree, I knew I wouldn't finish the quilt then, so I picked unisex colors. I just barely sewed it a few weeks ago. Here it is.
I love the yellow and green together I didn't realize I would love it so much.
Here are the instructions in case anyone wants to make one. Click to make big. Either I'm nice like that to share it, I have a flagrant disregard for authority.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For our celebration, I pulled out 5 left over unfrosted cupcakes from my son's birthday from the freezer, and we frosted them with green frosting. We had way more frosting then cupcakes, so we also decorated graham crackers. I'm a fan of frosting and graham crackers. I will admit this was a selfish celebration, I got two new frosting tips last week, and wanted to try them out. First was the basket weave.
Second was the grass/hair tip. This is my favorite tip. Does this look like grass?We also got out the other tips, and played around with the leaf one.I gave my son a chance to decorate his cupcake, before he got too bored with my fun.
It took me forever to figure out how to make a shamrock with the leaf tip. I finally figured out to do it backwards.
My son resurfaced to eat shamrock graham crackers. He remembered they were called shamrocks, from a St. Patrick's Day book we got from the library, it was very informative. We learned all about the catholic/irish holiday.
Here are some finished products of the shamrock graham crackers.
I was thinking it would be fun once my kids were in school, to send them these in their lunches on Saint Patrick's Day. I always liked the holiday a lot, since my middle name is Erin, and my parents always told us our last name was Irish, although I'm not sure if I believe them, I think it might actually be English.
We finished off the day eating, potatoes. Are potatoes Irish? My husband was telling me about the Irish during Europe's Potato famine, so in my mind we needed potatoes.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mother Daughter Braclets

These are my catch up jewelry posts. I wanted to my daughter to have a bracelet for her baby blessing. I begged my husband to make it for me, and he obliged. I designed it though. Four little 2 mm pearls in between 4 mm red coral. To match the holly berries on her dress.
If you look close you can see both of our bracelets.
This makes it easier to see.
Luckily I got my own too.

Presents from Hubby

I told my husband I wanted pink pearls. For my birthday back in september he made these. Its HUGE. The pearls are 12 mm and 6 mm. 12 is quite large! They are very pretty but very light pink. I was hoping for a little brighter, I guess that can wait for another birthday.
For my anniversary I asked for purple howlite turquoise. I don't know this purple is natural turquoise or if they dyed them. Whatever the case I love them. I thought about adding other stones, but I decided against it. I didn't want them tainted with other stones, plus even though opera or rope length is the style now, I'm much more of a choker length girl.

We like to order from pearlwear.com, kind of a goofy site, but we've had good results.


Remember this sling I made for my son. Well my daughter now rides in it.
Well I wanted something girlier so I made this one recently. Lesson learned, Read instructions before cutting. I just barely had enough material, because I cut wrong. But since I bought the material, I realized since its green brown and yellow flowers its totally unisex.
We use the slings all the time, because she doesn't like the carseat. I'm glad I have two because movement makes her spit everywhere so they get washed all the time! Before she could hold her head up she liked the baby bjorn better, but now that she can face outward, we use the sling usually every other day.

Actually I made up all that stuff and just wanted to be like pam. Except the fact, that I really did make the first sling so I could wear my son. I made the second because I needed to wear my baby at the Draper Temple open house, and didn't want to wear demin.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Ballerina

For some strange reason I decided to make my daughter a tutu dust ruffle for her bed. It was quite the project, I ignored it for months. Four and half yards of tulle can be a little unruly.

It will look better once her crib is on a lower level. I also probably needed twice as much tulle, but I only knew that after the fact.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The first new post!
My cousin's wife had a baby shower. I made her this blanket.
and this rattle. I was slightly embarrassed to give her it. I still need a lot of work in the doll making. But I had nothing else in the house to give, and no time to shop.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hello testing testing

I decided to conform to fads and have a plain white blog.
at least for now...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Animal Party

For some reason I made this blanket for my son. Maybe its because I love these huge soft appliqu├ęs. He only cared about the scrap of material that was about 6 inches by 8 inches.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pass sis a fire

That's how my son pronounces it, spaces and all. I didn't even know he knew the word until his aunt told me he was saying it one day at her house before the babe was born. She said he didn't learn it from us, we call it a binky.
My son refused to take a pacifier. I use to force it in his mouth holding it there the entire time, when I could no longer mentally handle him wanting to nurse. Some times we just needed to go longer than 45 minutes between feedings. My daughter is totally different, she goes anywhere from 3-5-or more hours between feedings. Always has, the nurses weren't so happy in the hospital, but they got over it. She took a pacifier a few times, which made me think, she might always take it. So I gathered stuff I already had, and made her a pacifier clip. Pretty good for free. Especially better than then those Micky Mouse ones in the grocery store.
The jokes on me, she has only used the pacifier about three times since I made the clip. Whenever I try to give it to her, when she isn't hungry, she immediately loses all desire to suck. Not the intended purpose of the pacifier, but works all the same. Since she goes awhile in between feedings, I never give it to her.
I thought she was so cute with the pacifier, one day she took it for over an hour, but we were out of the house and I didn't have a camera, she hasn't really wanted it since then, so I take pictures when I can, but they aren't really as cute as I'd like. I love how big it looks on her little face.