Monday, February 25, 2008

Long overdue

I finally finished this apron. (Before I left for TX.) I bought the material almost a year ago. I copied the apron after my sister in law, Teresa. I hope she doesn't mind, I really don't copy everything from her, she uses some of my ideas too, I think.
Here are the aprons I've made in the last year.
I made this one for my old roommate when she got married. She likes the beach, she was planning to go to Hawaii for college. Yes that is a hand embroidered tea towel. Why she got hand embroidery when no one else did? I don't know I guess I was feeling ambition.
Also I never took a picture of this one, but I made my mom an apron with this material to match her kitchen, its yellow and blue, the kitchen that is, and obviously the apron is also.
Then I made one for my new sister in law for her bridal shower in december. They are a great bridal shower gift because they are not embarrassing to open in front of older women, but you can still look cute for your new husband (I give them with the intention the bride will use them fully clothed). Not to mention, its not embarrassing to model. I learned something doing this one, thin bias tape might look good, but go for the wide, the extra wide, thin will make you cry, will make you yell, will make you want to hurt yourself, and make you want to throw things at the wall. It will also make you end up in your room with the door shut until you can calm down and face your family again, don't use it, go for the extra wide.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ma Jo

I totally found what I totally need!!
Seriously, if I was one of those rich people who thought of dollars like cents, and $35 was more like $0.35 I would totally buy it. I especially wanted it after my cute boy sitting on my lap said, "ma ma jo" that sealed the deal, if I would had $35 burning a whole in my pocket, it would have already been ordered. From this girl's etsy site.It is totally life like too! I have long legs, I like shinny accessories like sequins tutus and I love mary janes, I cross my legs, even if it has been giving me spider veins since I was 16. Not to mention we have affinity for bird in our house, I blame that on my husband. The only thing that will get me over not having them, is that they are 5 and 8 inches tall, and that is a little too big for my taste. I think 4 and 2 inches would be good.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good thing I only have one...

Its a good thing I only have one sister because I have made her baby so much stuff there is no way I could be fair if I had more than one. If I have a girl before she has a second girl, her second daughter will also have way less handmade stuff from her only blood material aunt. These are my latest creations! I love them!
I think they turned out so cute! They are handmade, hand sewn baby shoes to match her blessing dress.
Here is the blessing dress my mother made her.

The shoe pattern is from Martha. But as usual, the instructions and the pattern leave something to be desired, I had to do plenty of modifications. The reason I hand sewed even though I think martha advocates a machine for this project is because I was afraid my machine would eat the little pieces of felt.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I made this for my mom. After she, Teresa and I were shopping in Rudiso, New Mexico and we saw something with this phrase on it, Teresa and I decided my mom need a pillow with it.
I'm so happy with the way the corners turned out. I have never sewn anything that looks so good and straight before. I'm so happy about it.
The finished product in a pillow.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Traveling Bag

I decided I needed a new traveling bag, so this was the perfect time to make my purse from the guitar playing budda material I got for a $1 a yard in the walmart clearance bin.I love the material, click so you can see the close up of the buddha. And I also went to the store especially to get a big red button for the bag. I think I spent more on the button than the material.
The ribbon I had laying around from a previous bag in which I decided to use a more unisex ribbon. This is solely a diaper bag, no room for anything but diapers, wipes, and a changing bag.
I went all out, even has a matching clutch and I remember once again I hate zippers. I don't read directions I just make it up as I go, and zippers don't like that mentality. The clutch actually looks terrible, but I think the bag is very professional if I do say so myself.
Luckily my sister in law, danna taught me how to make bags like in this a 2 minute tutorial, she has changed my life. I owe her.
Its reversible, so if I want the guitar playing Buddha bag less flashy this way works. I didn't really make it to be reversible, I made it to the inside wouldn't have exposed seams.