Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Bunting

I didn't like my old easter bunting very much, I wanted something more vintage-y feeling. (It was the common peep bunting.)  So I made new stuff, how I found the time is beyond me, because I mostly keep up on laundry and cleaning my kitchen. 
 Best part it was free, I was determined not to spend money on it, so I used what I had.  Plus its miserable going to the store with two babies. I wish the eggs were all different color polka dot, but I used what I had, plus the close quilt shop went out of business. I'm always sad about that.
I feel like it matches better with my easter bunny down there. 
I love my easter bunny, at the time it was a really hard decision, but I saw the price the other day-- $32.  $30 is now like a drop in the hat! (By the way I know my chair is too far to the right its pushed as far over as possible so my toddler can watch out the window.)

(That picture in the corner is my toddler's favorite picture, I think he knows its him, because we talk about the picture all the time.  He goes up and blows it kisses.)
Overall, all I really want to do is make more pillows for my couch.  I have the fabric I just need to get the pillow forms, I'm pushing it off to save my money for longer... Because you know $32 is a drop in the hat so I have to wait on some stuff, so its not ALL gone.  I have dreams in life, that require saving money.