Monday, July 23, 2007


This is me. I saw it as an advertisement for like scissors, or something in a craft magazine. And I thought this is me, so then I searched for it one the internet, and I've had it saved on my computer all this time. I'm a weirdo like that, saving things from the internet on my computer. I have a folder of over a hundred pictures of crafts I might one day try to copy. By the way, I feel like this even when I give a homemade present to my sister and she has to like it she is related to me. You might have to click on the picture to blow it up so you can actually read it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

With the girls

I just got called to be Activity Days leader, for our activity, we were made votive holders for our moms for our mother daughter activity. These are mine:

I know so seasonal.
I'm not planning to send them to my mom. What they are is baby food jars covered in tissue paper. I think they turned out pretty good. I wasn't planning to make a jack o lantern in July, but I just couldn't bare to pick a pretty pastel color like everyone else, so I picked orange. And then one thing let to anther, and the next thing I knew I was making a set of three Halloween decorations. They will look great on my windowsill in just 3 short months. Really this is just the type of girl I am, making Halloween decorations in the middle of the summer.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Activity

Here is my latest creation:
A quiet book for my kid

The End!
as you can tell it good for little hands. I opened it up to take pictures and the next thing I knew my kid was right there, playing with all the buttons. I guess it was worth the $30 of supplies, and the hours upon hours of work. Only a crazy first time mom like myself would make this. I hand embroyered all the pages. But I realized today during church that i need to add pockets on the inside covers.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Window Treatments

I am blogging super early today, because I woke up super early. I blog while my kid is asleep, because it is a quiet activity in hopes that he will stay asleep.
Today's post is my window treatments. I have 5 rooms in my house, each with one window, which means I have 5 windows. But only 4 needed me to make a treatment for them. This is what my bathroom window looks like. Fancy huh? That print on the white is 80's sea shells. Not my top pick for curtains, but you can't beat a $1 a yard. We have a frosted bathroom window, but I like to keep the bathroom window open, so I need the privacy that pratically see through material gives you at night with the window open.
This fancy window is my kitchen. I know it is hideous, but it looks worse in real life. (Darn it didn't work, the kid is up.) So the kitchen, it more about function than form. It is thick dark material that blocks out the sun. The window faces the west so it gets so hot and hot in the kitchen in the afternoon and evening. The ugly curtains, have actually made the house feel about 10 degrees cooler. Plus since we live in a rental apartment, I didn't want to put curtain rods up in all the rooms, and then get charged an arm an a leg, so i bought tension rods that, just sit in the window frame, but since the window has venetian blinds it had a big gap between the rod and top of the window hence the top fuffy stuff. This material was only $2 a yard, got to love the walmart clearance fabric.
This is one of my favorite window coverings. The chilean flag also on a tension rod, in my son's room. For all you who don't know, that is where my husband went on his mission.
And this is my bedroom. Not on a tension rod so I'll proably be charged. We are hoping the landlord doesn't care, that there is a curtain rod in the bedroom when we leave. My bedroom needed curtains because my husband does not want any of the neighbors to see his wife changing. He does not trust the privacy of venetian blinds. Maybe he has a point, I do have a tendancy to walk around in my skivvies. Funny story, I was watching a movie a few weeks ago at like 8 pm, in my skivvies because it was hot. When all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I freaked out, and ran out of the room, to get my husband to tell him to answer the door while I got dressed. Dang ward members trying to be friendly. Anyway, it was totally emabarrasing and they didn't even know it.
So now I am done showing up my curtains. Oh, this material was also $2 a yard. I realize this is probably a boring post, but all I can say is thats me.
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Friday, July 6, 2007

Holey Purse

In the beginning of summer, I decided I wanted a summer purse. I'm just this kind of girly girl, that needs purses for the different seasons. I couldn't find one I liked that fit my requirements. I need a zipper or my son takes everything out of my purse. So I decided to make this beauty.
Looks good I know. I told my mom this saga, and she told me she wanted one too. So I sucked it up and made another one. The second process was worse than the first. I didn't really enjoy making the purses. My husband told me I should start making them and selling them, I told him, no one would pay $50 for them and thats as low as I would go because it was so miserable to make. Although if I didn't include a zipper, so it was just a hobo purse without a hidden pocket i could do it. Maybe I should try.

So here they are, unfortuanlly because of the zipper, my purse has had a few holes in the seams. I went to go sew up the last hole I have found and I don't think I know how to do it. The problems in my life that I face.