Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Holidays

As I have already mentioned I have way too much holiday material in my house. So I used some of material to make a fall/thanksgiving apron, and a Christmas apron. The first is thanksgiving if you couldn't tell.
My favorite part, the jack o lantern on the back of the neck. It was no accident.
The Christmas one.
The material was rather dark and busy and needed something to break it up, so I used the lace I had bought but decided not to use for something else. I love the way it turned out, maybe its a little grandmaish, but I think it adds to the retroness of the print. Plus it reminds me of a scalloped design on a cookie, or frosting trim on a gingerbread house.
I've been wanting to make a birthday apron for months now, but haven't been able to find any good material for it. I saw one at a store for a large lump sum and thought it was a cute idea. I thought my small children would think it was fun if their mom had a special birthday apron for their birthdays. I know that sounds cheesy but none the less, I decided to jump on board. So now I'm well on my way to having an every holiday apron. I now need to go get some clearanced Halloween material so I can be ready for next year.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I finally made the pillow case out of the ladybug material. Yes I admit it took me forever to get around to a 15 minute sewing project. It turned out a little big, because I didn't feel like trimming extra material. (By the way, that is not his blanket or bed, that's way too girly for a little boy.)

Which means my son can use it as a sleeping bag. He loves it. He went to bed the other night in it.

This is what the picture turned out like after my husband said, pretend like you are sleeping.
I thought he was so cute, in his lady bug bag. Once again, good thing he found manly looking beetles.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Every girl needs a pair of black mary janes. So I decided to start my daughter off early. I made them with black craft felt, because I could not find black wool felt. I love them. They are about my most favorite things I have ever made in my life. No exaggeration. I love them! They make me happy. Which is good, because the hormones are starting to get to me, and I'm a wreck, I started crying in the middle of dinner the other day, and on our way home.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homecoming Outfits

When I was two months pregnant the first time my husband and I went to Argentina (yes I admit a terrible time for international travel). While we were there we bought a baby outfit. White with blue little chicken like birds, we were positive the child growing in me was a boy. It was the outfit we brought my son home in the hospital in. It was sized 0-3 months, it drowned him, my mom said, he isn't three months yet.

He was so cute! (Can you tell I'm hormonal?)

I spent too much money on this outfit, but my baby will look so cute coming home from the hospital. Its newborn size so it won't drown her. It didn't come with a hat or built in feet on the pants, so I had to take matters into my own hands. I added a matching bow on a white hat, so her head stays warm, and still matches.Here is a close up, you know I love to give my viewers a close up.And I made baby shoes that match! I have an on going love affair with homemade baby shoes for girls. Luckily after making my sister's girl some, I got pregnant with a girl. (They are a different pattern then the last pair.)
This might be a little much, but my first child came while I was busy in school. So my second child, is the child that will have way more stuff than the rest. In fact this was scaled down, I was thinking about making a matching baby bracelet, but I decided I'm too tired. Not to mention I'm sure a day old baby doesn't want to wear beads on her wrist. I'll save that for when she is three weeks at her baby blessing.
PS more baby shoes to come in the future!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Add a fourth

Stockings are my favorite Christmas decoration. Here are my family's stockings so far. Please Please Please click on the link. I love them.
If you will recall, I went on a stocking craze last year.
Luckily this year, the only one in my family having a baby is me, which means, I only had to make stockings for one child. MINE!
So all I had to do this year was add a fourth to the family collection. Luckily I already had everything to make this stocking. My son picked the main material, out of a stack of Christmas material.
I had to buy the green bobbles for this stocking, but that is all. At first I planned on keeping this one, but I'm afraid its too fancy, and I'll set too high of a precedence for my future children.

So I haven't really decided which one is staying at my house, and which one is going to live with all the cousins at grammy's. I like the green bobbles, and it is by far my son's favorite out of two. But I also the how the silver trim brings out the silver in the red material.
Not to mention, my husband confirmed my fears. My son was "helping" me sew the green trim on, and when we finished he went to show his dad. His dad, said pretty fancy, are jealous its not yours? Luckily my kid looked at him like he was crazy and said, no.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Holiday Post

For some crazy reason I made a Christmas dress for my unborn daughter. I've been wanting to try this pillow case dress, From Freshly Picked.
Obviously a newborn is too small to wear a full size pillow case, but I didn't have a Christmas pillow case anyway, I made a small one out of this material. My real problem is not having a baby girl inside of me, my real problem is way too much Christmas material in my house, because this is not a holiday were I can go spend money at JoAnn's every time I turn around, its about making due with what I already have.
When I finished it looked like a potato sack with holy berries on it, so then I took it some under the arm pits, to give it an A line appearance, instead of a square pillow case.
For the record, Making your own bias tape is about the most ridiculous thing in the world.