Monday, November 18, 2013


My kids made boats at Home Depot in the beginning of the month. I commandeer one of the boats, and added some peg doll pilgrims and Indians I made.
The Indian princess ended up with a massive amount of hair. 
I really like my indian boy. 
And my pilgrim girl, I love her bonnet. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another burlap wreath

The morning after Halloween I was ready to purge/ clean. I wanted all the costumes packed, all the leaves tracked in from trick or treating gone. Apparently I got a little ambitious. By lunch all the Halloween specific decorations were gone and leaving only fall decor in which the pilgrims and Indians were added to. Turns out I was down a wreath. I hung my fall wreath from last year outside and made a new one for my wine rack.
I used burlap ribbon with ivory tulle ribbon to soften the burlap a tad. Then  I wanted it easy so I used my old school sizzix to cut out mini felt leaves. I wish I had dies with larger leaves but I do like the mini aspect. I also decides I wanted a mum garden on my wreath since in effort to save money this year I didn't buy fall flowers for my planter pots outside. 
Of course I found thanksgiving subway art to match. 

Lastly I made mini felt leave garland for my back door valance. 

I was finished with my new decorations by Friday evening it was great.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Crowning Glory

Here is where Halloween started.

(They weren't suppose to have face paint at school.)

One More of Ron

I just can't help myself I'm seriously obsessed with the boy whether he is in a costume or not.
For his cloak I just used a shirt/jacket/vest thing of mine, and doubled up the sleeves.

Halloween Costume #4

My family gets a kick out of me dressing up.  So this year, I decided to be an owl.  Hedwig to be exact. Thanks to pinterest it was real easy costume, and took about $1 worth of felt.  I basted (large sewing stitch) the feathers onto the collar and the sleeves of a white shirt.  I used this template.
My daughter really did not like the costume, but tried to be a good sport.  My husband thought it was hysterical and my son/Harry Potter told me it was fine.