Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girl Clock

We were short a clock.  My daughter's room needed a clock, because I need to know what time it is at bedtime to know how mean or relaxed I should be.  I couldn't find anything I loved for under $40, so instead, I bought a new kitchen clock for $15, and recovered my kitchen clock, with this lovely girl print.
I'm pretty sure its super homemade looking, but that's ok, Nan likes that there is a drawing of her, complete with her butterby wings.  I made a gross error, but the picture doesn't show it so we won't talk about it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Not Canvas

To add more uniform my kitchen and more specifically to my kitchen curtains, I decided to wrap some left over material around a canvas.  But then I realized I could just recycle an old clock box. Which I think is actually easier because its easier to staple into cardboard than wood. Then I hung whisks up, I can't tell if its a cute inexpensive wall hanging, or if its a throw back to the 70s.
What do you think?  Don't answer that unless its affirmative. 
(My kitchen is looking so good but still in the works.  I have to paint my chair rail and then hang it up.  Our phone outlet is that ghetto brown color, nor we don't use a phone outlet, and one day we need a new table.  Our current one is falling part and the chairs doesn't match.) 

Kitchen Curtains

All of our windows came with these weird blind things, that actually work great with open windows, which we always have since we have no A/C.  All except our kitchen window. It was suggested I use a roman shade, but I have no modeling around the window so that was a no go.  I watched a lot of Clean House episodes on Netflix before me moved, so I really wanted to have curtain rings, because the designer uses curtain rings on every episode.  And even if I didn't like them before, after two seasons of seeing it, I wanted it.  Just like that Big Mac.
 So obviously I made these curtains, I wanted a light airy material, I was thinking like a white seersucker stripe with maybe a little bit of silver thread in it, but I found these material instead.  I think I love it, I love the material, but I didn't want a bold print that was too in your face.  My mom assured me this was not a bold print.  I love having a kitchen curtain. I think it matches quite well with the rest of my kitchen, I think it helps pull everything together.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake- 6th Birthday

So normally I post what I have done.  But this is a plan.  My son thinks he likes cake, but yet his pieces of cake go virtually untouched.  One day he is going to grow up just a bit more and realize no matter how exciting cake is, he doesn't like it.  What he does love is chocolate chip cookies, so I'm hoping to make this for his birthday next year.  Yeah I'm planning like eight months in advance. Its from Martha Stewart's July 2011 issue.  Its a Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake.   
Can you believe I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere online?  So this is snapshot of the magazine.  I did find this blog that changed the recipe slightly, seems very useful. I'll have to try it earlier than 8 months from now.

Also, speaking of icebox cakes, I've always wanted to try this one. But it calls for Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer cookies, and considering they are hard to find in a B&M stores, and amazon makes you buy in bulk they are a little pricey and I've never thought my husband would appreciate $53 charge from Amazon for cookie to make a cake.   But then my mom came up with a great idea when I was talking to her about icebox cakes, use chocolate graham crackers, sure it would look different, and might taste different but I don't know what it tastes like anyway.  Although maybe they would go totally soggy.  I don't know, I'll have to try.

Subway Art Updated

I took a picture of my house, and washed it out, placed the words on top, then hit sepia and print.  I love it, I love seeing it in my bathroom.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Subway Art

I figured I need more reminders around my house about what my goals in life are for my family.  What better phrase than Joshua 24:15. But how to display?  Once again, no access to vinyl lettering, and I'm not much of a crosstitcher, never finished the one I started at 11. So I decided to make subway art that I could frame.  From all the blogs I see subway art is all the rage.  Not professional but not bad for my lack of graphic design software. My lines are all skewampy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cover Up

Above the door in my daughter's bedroom the paint was chipped and there was some large holes in the dry wall, so I figured it was cheaper to make a sign for above the door than repaint the whole room.  I bought a sign at Ross for $3, because that was cheaper than buying a new board at a craft store. Then sanded off the previous phrase and painted with left over latex paint from painting other rooms. I picked light green because she has quite a bit in her room, from the backing of the flower clip board, to her baby quilt, to one of the layers of tulle in her dust ruffle.  To see more pictures of her room.
 The lettering is by far perfect, because I free handed it.  Partly because this was suppose to be a low cost project, but mostly because I have no access to anyone who does vinyl lettering and partly because I wanted it to look unique. I had to hang it on wire because the previous plaque had holes for wire.
I think it turned out pretty cute.  Its sanded a bit for the shabby chic look, but the picture does not show that.  The phrase is, "Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep."  Sure my daughter is barely a baby anymore, but I thought it was fitting, since I want her to stay two forever, and we still do quite a bit of rocking her, because she loves to be wrapped up in her blankets and held. Not to mention I still think of my 5 year old as my baby.