Friday, September 19, 2008


Eventually we do plan to hang that picture.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FHE Treat

Family Home Evening treats always start out with a bang, when I set the goal to do them, then my family doesn't see them for another 3 months or so. My son and I made cupcakes Monday morning. I got an old mini bundt cake pan from my mom's kitchen a while back, and had never used it, so I started out with that.Then I added cool whip dalop things on top. For high class fanciness.
Close up, oh ahh delicious. They would have looked fancier with ganache poured on top, then cool whip, but my family is not so much a ganache family.
We are a fan of chocolate cake and cool whip in my family. Recently cool whip started packaging its product so you get all the great taste of cool whip, with the fun of whipped topping can.
This is how they started all beautiful. But me and my family agreed that isn't nearly enough cool whip for chocolate cake. So we had to add more, lots more.
And this is the reason my husband likes me, the mass of amount of long skinny limbs that flail everywhere. Let it never be said I only posted attractive pictures of myself on my blog.Mmm, lots of cool whip. My son had already had plain cupcakes after they came out of the oven, so in the evening he assumed he just needed cool whip added to his cupcake about 8 times.
I decided this is what Family Home Evening desert is all about. All three of us had a blast decorating the mini bundt cakes with cool whip. I think my son just had fun laughing at his parents.
Mmm, they were so good only had about 7. Luckily they were about half the size of a cupcake. But that doesn't include the 5 I ate earlier without cool whip. I have a problem, if I keep my cupcakes topingless then I think of them as muffins then they must be good for me to eat.Ahh, desert. I often find it surprising that my son likes family home evening. But tonight it was fun. I guess that is surprising because the only memories I have of it, are complaining at as teenager.

P.S. Happy unconstitutional federally mandated holiday to celebrate the adoption of the United States of America's Constitution today, back in 1787.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We decided we wanted to paint our living room, since we painted our dining room, since they share an open wall. The dining room needed to be painted, and the living room looked fine, but once the dining room was painted, the living room looked bad. Which is why I refuse to paint anymore in this house, unless the owner decides to sell the house to me. Which he should do, because I think it would be lovely not to have to move for another 6 years or so. Since the dining room is blue, and the kitchen is green, I figured the only color left, is yellow. I was thinking a nice Tuscan sunrise, (which really means mustard yellow, its very big this fall.)
Turns out, I hated every single paint chip I got at 5 different stores. I kept thinking I just didn't find the right shade, after like 30 paint chips. Until my husband said I hate the mustard colors, and I said yeah me too, but I don't want our living room to look like a baby nursery, which is what would happen if it was light yellow. We decided yellow was out, so we did pink!

And grey for the other two and an eighth of the wall. I was thinking a nice pewter. We called my mom to ask about color combination, because she is good about picking colors for houses to be painted. She told us, be careful about grey because it makes the room feel depressed. My husband didn't want after that, because he doesn't like me depressed. But it was either, gray or pale lemon yellow and plum (over the fireplace). We decided grey would be better for the retail rent value and we like to be good renters. But we did make sure to pick a really light grey to cancel the depression. We absolutely love the grey. Although sometimes I feel like we have two different colors of light blue in our front rooms, but it makes me like the dining room blue way better. See in the picture.
Actually we would have never painted painted our living room pink. That was the primer. At first we really hated the red, but once it dried, it wasn't red orange. It makes me not hate our ugly fireplace, so now I don't have to cover it up. We are going to put a picture in the middle, we just need a frame.
Here is the third wall. I need to hand quilt my first quilted quilt, that is a wall quilt. So I have something on this wall. I'm planning to relearn by the end of the month.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day

How did you labor on Monday? We painted.
We weren't planning to paint yet we just went to look at some more colors, because we didn't like we paint chips we had gotten earlier. But we decided to buy the paint and do it, because of the sale ending that day. We did most of the painting while our kid was sleeping during his nap.The finished product.
This is the dining room where we eat because the kitchen is not equipped for a table.The homeowner told us we could paint. The dining room looked awful, so I figured why not paint. But now we have to paint the living room that is attached, the rooms only have 3 walls each. After that I'm done painting, the whole downstairs is in desperate need of paint, but I'm not painting any of it, because once one room gets painted the rest do, and I don't to paint the whole house if I don't own it.
View from our kitchen. The kitchen is green was painted before we arrived.