Monday, January 25, 2010

Nothing of Late

After months of making Christmas and birthday presents, I have absolutely NO desire to pull out my sewing machine. I don't have my own sewing desk while my husband is in school, because we can not fit three desks in this house, and so why pull out the machine. I would much rather watch hulu. I want to make valentine's presents like I did last year, I have all the supplies, ideas and everything, but oh I don't want to pull out my machine. Maybe, I'll make them a week or so late, since we have two birthdays that weekend, we often do valentines day late. I'm still on after christmas sabbatical. Do you think Santa is still at the beach vacationing? If so I'm totally off the hook right? January wasn't long enough, I need a longer no holiday month.

I have necklaces I made over christmas, I need to post, but oh, I'm on a craft sabbatical and than even means taking pictures of stuff done. Not to mention my baby broke the string on my favorite necklace I made, and it needs to be restrung.