Wednesday, November 16, 2011


For kindergarten we had to disguise Tom-- he was feeling a little worried about the time of year.  Can you guess what Tom is? I really kind of hate school projects like this.  I think Kindergarten project should be projects they can do by themselves, but that is not the way school works, and nothing is going to change over the years. I guess I should revile that they are as easy as they are right now.
 Here is J and Tom.
On a side note my son originally wanted to disguise him as a triangle.  I drew most of the stuff, but had my son cut it out.  I felt like I was being too involved, but that's the way these projects work.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fluffy Apron

Once again, I've been meaning to sew this apron for about a year.  
 Last year when I made this apron, for my daughter, I also made one for my sister's daughter but it got lost in the mail, so I sent her that one.  I decided to make a really ruffly one to replace it. A few years ago for christmas one of my sister in laws made a christmas apron for Nan.  It was by far her favorite so I decided I would make her a general through out the year apron.  Except we moved and I didn't  But now I finally did.  It was pretty quick and easy, and my daughter loves it ruffly.
P.S. I always make the children's aprons neck strap too big.  I don't mean to but I definitely don't want it too small, their heads are big in proportion to their body, and I just can't help it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A little late

I guess I should have edited this picture before I posted it, so it didn't have so much blank space.  Oh well.
This craft only took me 13 months to make.  I print and cut out the letters the previous Halloween, like back when my son was 4 when everything was ghosts for Halloween, including the soap dispenser.  I got the letters from here. And this tutorial to make the rosettes. Rosettes are the accordion circle behind the letters. J loved it when I showed it to him, unfortunately he is going to have to wait 11 months before it stays hanging in our house.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Wreath

In honor of my mom's birthday today, I'm finally posting my birthday wreath. 
I'm absolutely in love with it.  These wreaths are surprisingly expensive on etsy, and after finishing this one I know why.  It took me three sessions of conference, two movies, plus some extra time to finish it all.
Although part of the reason it took so long is I made three bottlecap pincushions for the cupcakes.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Robot Butterfly properly stuffed

Here is my almost three year old in her robot butterfly costume.  She is about the cutest thing ever, when she tries to copy her dad doing "the robot" (dance).  I decided her pumpkin needed some frills, and so we glued a tutu to him too.