Friday, May 30, 2008

Yarn and Love

My husband is fantastic. Last week, I needed 100 yards of yarn for each girl at activity days. My husband measured out 10 piles of the yarn, I only did two. I told you he is fantastic. I loved him so much for doing this, and at the same time felt so pathetic for only doing two. He is such a help with activity days, and I don't think he could say the same thing for me and scouts. Although I did cook a main course the other week for scouts. The girls made yarn octopuses, they asked me if I did all the yarn measurement, I said no, Brother (my last name) did, so when you see him at church thank him. They said he wouldn't have any idea what they were talking about if they did, I said I promise he will remember. None of them thanked him, they were probably scared of him.

Ah, isn't love blissful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What every child doesn't need.

Don't you think every mother should make her child fabric alphabet flashcards? Well apparently I didn't get the memo, because I did it. My child now has fabric with batting in the middle alphabet flashcards. They measure roughly 5"x5, and all of them together make a stack about 5 inches tall. Yes this is definitely what my child needed.
PS aren't you suppose to put your child's feet in the pictures of sewing for children's?
Of course walmart didn't have a 5 inch ring, so I had to use 4 1.5" rings, with the 5th one holding the other four together. No walmart never has what I want, but they do have...a post coming later.
Its kind of a big jumble mess, not to mention its metallic because I bought them at walmart, and its all they had. I thought about tying them all together with a shoelace. My husband didn't like that idea. Speaking of him, he did my eyelet work, isn't he fantastic. Thats what I love about him, when I make over the top crafts for my child, that need eyelets he puts them in for me.
Heres the end isn't cute? I know in that competition with other moms on over the top things, I might win now.