Tuesday, March 29, 2016

General Conference Packets

Posting for my own reference, hopefully I remember this is 6 months.
Years ago I started a tradition of General Conference packets for my kids, they were all the rage you could find multiples to choose from on pinterest. Now its the same packets there were five years ago, rarely does anyone update them. Most of the stuff I don't mind it not being updated, but I do love an updated version of the apostles.
I found one site that consistently updates apostle lists. Mormon Cartoonist
And then the next site took me a while to find.... LDS.org
Duh, when I realized it, I felt stupid, their Conference Notebook is always updated!

Other than that I usually print off personalized things for each kid. Whether it be coloring pages or word puzzles with churchy themes.

As a note, my children never! fill in their conference notebook, notes or pictures from the Apostles talks, but I like the hope if I keep giving them the opportunity they will one day. I like to hope that day is just around the corner for my oldest.
Even if they ignore the note taking section, they do seem to love their personalized coloring book I give them bi-annually.
Their ultimate favorite conference page is coloring in bingo squares. They don't use candy, I'm sure one year I tried to teach them how to play the game with candy but for them they color it and then ask for a piece when they get a bingo. And of course since their little brothers are too young everyone gets a treat for each persons bingo.

Lastly, I didn't do it this time, but next time I want to print off this packet (The Ultimate General Conference packet 2). She makes the MOST FUN packets.

But Grammy and grandpa are visiting us this weekend, and so my kids don't need millions of coloring activities.

Monday, March 7, 2016

St Patrick's Day Easter Wreath

Having Easter in March use to really put a bee in my bonnet for decorating for holidays, but this year I fully embraced it, since I didn't have an Easter wreath I liked so it was a great opportunity. 
Best part of this is, I have far too much fabric stored so the wreath was FREE to make.

I used these two pins as inspiration.
This is by far my favorite Easter pin ever!

Then we decided to put our house on the market, so I had to take my wreath down... :(