Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trendy Star

Here is one of my new necklaces. I felt like I needed my trendy starfish. It was at all the stores, so I ended up buying it.
I love this necklace. Its thin, blendable, but colorful, its glass, metal, and pearls.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spider Boy

After googling Halloween costumes, my son decided he wanted to be a spider. I thought that's easy, we already have a black sweat suit and everything. Unfortunately he got carried away in his planning. He wanted spider webs on his costume, and eight eyes.
It was a fairly simple costume, the web on the back was just time consuming. The two webs and eyes are hand embroidered.

Halloween Sewing

Yesterday I had fun sewing.
I made a Halloween apron. I think this is the end of the Holiday Aprons. Hooray. I am very excited about this apron, I used my birthday money to buy the material. (Life as a MBA student's wife makes the budget tight.)

I think I'm done with my Holiday Aprons.
I have:
My son had been asking for me to make his something. And he especially liked this Halloween material he picked it out last year after Halloween on 70% clearance. The last halloween bag I made him is still too huge for him. So I decided to make him one his size.

I'm not sure why I make my child such fancy things. He couldn't care less, he probably would have liked a simpler bag-- ie the straps. Plus its fully lined inside. He asked for his name to be sewn on the bag. (The yellow material makes it look even fancier, but I used that to make it easier to embroider his name, the white would have shown my stitches and it would have taken twice as long to try to hid them.)
I tried to mimic the bag on the print of the material. That's why it has so many handles. When I asked him what he thought of the back, I expected him to say, "Probably good", that is what he usually says. Instead I got an "I don't know" and a look away. Sad, for me and my pride.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brain Food

I signed up to bring two dozen pieces of desert for our church Halloween Party. I found brain cupcakes at Family Fun, and decided those would be quick and easy.
Mine don't look quite as Brain like as Family Fun, I don't know why? Maybe its because my frosting had too much liquid.
They were easy all things considering.


My son was asking to make a pumpkin cake from the front of Family Circle Magazine. I didn't have round pyrex, so we just made a flat cake. I should have looked at the cover before decorating, it would have been easier to figure out the mouth. As you can tell my mouth had issues. After doing the black M&Ms, I realized the cake had plenty of sugar and didn't need the orange M&Ms. If you click to enlarge the photo you will notice my son added orange sprinkles for cheeks, and hair-- his idea. The "punkin" also has an orange M&M stem.
We made one round cake, and 12 cupcakes.
My son decorated all the cupcakes but one, this is my favorite one that he did. He then wanted to have a Halloween Party with his friends, which I was totally willing to oblige. He made the invitations, and I started planning, a Halloween Party for 6 Preschoolers, until I found out they all have swine flu. Does that mean we are next, it is harboring in our immune systems waiting to reek havoc? Only time will tell.
Here is our finished Pumpkin Army.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dry Erase Cozy

My brother was around when I was making the crayon rolls, and got jealous of said crayon cozies and asked for a dry erase cozy for his business presentations.
He wanted a flap. He was a little picky but my mother was willing to oblige, she did most of the work.
This was WAY more work than four crayon rolls. Warning amateur sewers should not attempt this at home. Only with mothers on hand. Thank goodness I did it at my mom's house, with most of her work. I did make the M.

Crayon Cozies

My mom helped me make quite a few crayon rolls. Four to be exact, one for me, one for her, and two for presents. Did I ever post the colored pencil roll I made for the church bag? I didn't read the directions, it was way easier to do it with directions than otherwise. Even if it takes me longer to read the directions and finally understand the directions than to actually sew and cut something. (I'm bad with reading directions.)
I found them on my sister in law's friend blog, who got them for this blog.

If I would have thought about what I was doing, I would have made them longer and hold 24 crayons, all the boxes these days are 24. I got a box of 24 for $.25, how does that work?!?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Reunion Girl Prizes

For some crazy reason my mom and I made necklaces for all the girls in my family over three. Here they all are. I am pretty proud of them, because I came up with the design myself. My mom wanted pendents that said Integrity or family. But instead they just random virtues.
Here is the one I made for myself, it does actually say family.
My two nieces got birds on theirs. Because birds are trendy right now.
Here they are all packaged up ready to go.