Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yesterday's Craft

This is what I did yesterday.
Since I wasn't doing my normal past time of chatting online with my hubby, he thought I had abandoned him for reading a crappy YA novel.... But no I was doing something much more useful, trying to sell my wedding dress, (that took over hour in hopes of building a relationship so the girl calls back and decided to give me the money), and making this wonderful trick or treat bag. A few days ago I was in Ross and saw little trick or treat bags for kids, they were $3. I thought I can make this. Sure I ended up spend more than $3 on the material and a heck of a lot of time, but doesn't every 19 month old need his own personalized homemade trick or treat bag? Thats what I thought too. (Here is the real truth, if I would have come home with the $3 bag my husband would have said, $3 for this?! but if I come home with $6 of material my husband is glad I have something "productive" to do with my time, and then after a day of work, he is so proud at my awful sewing skills.) Its not so wonderful, as you might think, but it was the first bag like this I have ever made. The stitching is terrible, that's why you don't get a close up of the tag. But on the back side of the tag is my kids name, so he doesn't get it confused with the other homemade trick or treat bags of all the other kids on the street. I know I was thinking ahead when I thought of that idea. But see here is where I was really ingenious -- it is a bag that can grow with the kid. You might notice in that first picture of the bag, that it looks like a mighty big bag for such a small kid, BUT you can fold it down and make a much smaller bag. The only problem is the handles are too long, and by the time my kid fits the full sized bag, he won't want to take it trick or treating.
So my kid is totally not excited about his trick or treat bag, he started to cry after this picture because he didn't want to hold it. I wonder if its because he accidentally heard me call it a Halloween purse. Dang it, yesterday's craft is ruined.

By the way I bought a yard of material and used every inch of it to make this bag, not a single piece was left over, I don't think I have ever used all the material on just one project. To me this was the biggest accomplishment for the day.


  1. That is absolutely amazing, regardless of the cost. I never would have dreamed of making a bag for trick or treating, we always just used pillowcases. When I first saw the picture and before I knew what it was it looked like a rusty metal sculpture and I was really, really impressed that you spent a day making a rusty metal sculpture because I had not idea you made sculptures. Then I read on and found out it was a bag, so I clicked on the photo and sure enough it was fabric and not metal.

  2. I love getting the trick or treat "purses" out and helping the little kids know what they are. The idea is a big abstract...knocking on the door of a stranger and asking for candy. So we always practice every day on our door and I send all the kids outside to knock. Then I answer the door in a fake voice and say how nice their costumes looks, even if they aren't wearing one. I just make it up. Then they all get a candy. They love this! So send him outside and slam the door on him and see what happends!
    (This is the only trick or treating my kids get from knocking on a door in this city, we just do the church trunk or treat to be safe).

  3. comment just got eaten up by the hungry blogger comment eater. And I don't have the desire to write another long let me just say... I like the bag.