Thursday, October 25, 2007

I finished!

It is complete-- Jobo's costume. Not as cute as last year, but I wasn't feeling as insane either. Maybe it is because this year I realized he only wears it for a few hours, or maybe its because I'm no longer in school, so I have more brain capacity free, to think rational thoughts. I think it really comes down to last, year was my first Halloween as a mother, and this year it is old news. He is a Rhino in case you have missed the posts leading up to this one. Here is another shot.
Bet you didn't know Rhino's have blankets and suck thumbs. Its the best I could get before naptime.
Here he is acting the part getting ready to head ram something.
(Rhino's do head ram right?)
Here he is now roaring or something, since he is the acting the part of the second largest land mammal. See those scary claws, I didn't tell him rhinos don't have claws.
So this is actually the improved costume that I finished an hour ago. Last night I finished the first draft which gave Jobo shrek ears on his rhino suit. Notice the different in ears, much better the second time around I think.
Now I realize this is not the cutest costume ever, but hey it works. Its original, (sort of I know I borrowed the idea but it turned out totally different the the original, I meant not every other toddler will be wearing it) and the all I have to do is remove the horns and ears, and he has clothes he can wear the rest of the winter. I thought about buying a real costume, but I decided that would be totally unfunctional, and expensive for only one night. Not to mention it is warmer than most inexpensive store bought costumes, which is needed since its cold here in Happy Valley.


  1. Wow! Awesome! Now you need to rent the movie The GODS must Be CRazy I

    I love the rhino part.

  2. You did a marvelous job. I love your little rhino.

  3. It's a great costume. Good job. I asked my son if he wanted a costume like that and he said he wanted to be a "spy-nocerous" (I think that is a rhino that is also a spy.) When my little girl saw your little boy on the screen she started yelling and squealing with glee and waving to your boy and trying to play peek-a-boo with him. I think she would like to be a rhino too, but she will be Raggedy Anne, even though I don't like Raggedy Anne much, because we already have it and it was free.