Thursday, October 18, 2007


This is how I filled my afternoon yesterday. I used the October 2007 Better Homes and Gardens idea for "dressmaker pumpkins". The magazine said, "Inspired by fabric and sewing notions (two things I love!), these pretty decorations will outlast the season." My husband would beg to differ with that last statement, I bought fake pumpkins 60% off and he was not excited that that means one more thing to store for 11 months of the year. But I begged and he loves me so he said I could keep them. Basically I'm procrastinating making my son's halloween costume. I really don't want to make it, I wish I would have bought one, I wish I would have kept my receipt so I could have returned the 4 yards of dark grey fleece, I wish I would have gotten light grey fleece so I didn't have to make pants and shirt, and could just use a sweatsuit. I wish so many things that aren't going to come true. During the middle of dinner, during my tears of frustration, that dinner was late, the rice was under cooked, then it was burnt, after a burnt hand, and 4 yards of fleece sitting in my bedroom waiting to be made into a rhino, my husband asked if we were going to bring our kid to his work's trick or treat. I smiled asking if they really do that? He said yeah, I said well now I have to make the costume. And with that my tears dried up (I cry way too much especially when my husband and I spend way too little time together, between my busy vacation schedule, and his scout master schedule). No matter what happens with the costume, at least I have dressmaker pumpkins, and a new necklace. The great thing about crafts is you get so many other ones done while you put off the most pressing ones. Although I think they should be called pin cushion pumpkins instead of dressmaker.
Post Script: Last night my husband told me that he thinks my pumpkins look better than BHG pumpkins. Yea for him he always says the right thing. He is the best.

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  1. Don't let your husband bully you. I know you will do a great job on the Rhino when you get around to it. You can take a break and goto DI and get him a ready made costume and save the Rhino for your next child.