Friday, October 19, 2007

I knew it would pay off

Yesterday once again I did not make a Halloween costume, and boy did it pay off. Instead I made a baby blanket for my brother's new daughter. I loved the material I hope they will too. I use to show my husband it before we went to bed for about a week straight if not longer, because I thought it was so pretty and I wanted to show it off. Here is the finished product:
Now that I have made about 25 baby blankets at least over the years, they are super quick and easy to make. Its amazing how quick it took me, it use to take me hours.
Since the baby's name was so short, I decided to make the name frilly looking. I love the way it turned out. (All you people without frilly embroidery for your baby's name, don't feel bad, I like your kid just as much) The red mark on the top of the M is a tie from the other side. For whatever reason my pink material looks orange in this shot.
Here is the material together, isn't it gorgeous?! The answer is always yes, by the way, my husband has learned that well.
The reason procrastinating the Halloween costume one more day and making a baby blanket instead paid off is....wait for it, the best answer is coming... my husband decided he wanted to use the 4 yards of fleece for a sleeping bag liner. Yea, I'm saved from the guilt of buying more fleece than I could uses. I'm back to square one with the costume. I can do whatever I want, I can't decided if I want to buy a generic costume, or if I want to make one with a little less work by using a premade sweatsuit. He does need a costume for trick or treating at my husband's work. Oh yea, I'm so happy! I love being at square one with the halloween costume, I want to go out shopping today, but instead I have to make three boxes of cupcakes for Activities Days tomorrow. Arg, this is going to be the death of me.


  1. Oh such a cute quilt! I just made one today too. It is for Paul and Alissia Huntzinger, but I didn't take a picture and it is already wrapped for the baby bathtub tommorrow. (my #3 kids calls bb showers bb bathtubs, ha ha).
    I wish I knew how to put a name on a quilt. Do you put it on one side before you put the two sides together or does it go all the way through? Oh it is too late! Quick someone have a baby so I can make another one!

  2. By the way, my hubby said your #2 is cuter with glasses. He is a sucker for glasses, unfortunately for him is wife insists on contacts.
    Blanket steps:
    First I write the name with one of those blue fabric markers that disappear with water. Then I embroider over the marker, spray off the blue. Sew the two pieces up and then tie the blanket.

  3. Your blankets are the best. They are washable, packable, spitupable, goodlookingable, my baby and I like the one you made for her.

    I am going to make a copy of the one that I made for your son. I hope that doesn't make you feel as though your quilt isn't special or anything like that. I'm going to try to sell it, if you want yours to remain the only one in existence then you can buy it and burn it.