Monday, May 31, 2010

We love material and pretty prints

...and lets not forget textures.
Although I could do without dirty socks and toes.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A touch of Lime Green

My brother is getting married in a month, the wedding colors are black and white with a touch of lime green. These are the clothes for the nieces. I made all these stupid lime green flowers. It took SOOO LONG to cut them out. Hours to make them, so they get included on the craft blog.

(that is by far my favorite baby dress!)

There are two of these dresses

And actually three of theseAnd two sets of two pigtail clips (four clips).
So the grand total is 10 green flowers. That each took over a half of each to make, because I know I spent more than five hours making them. My mom claimed they were easy to make, they were easy to make just not easy to cut out.

First Purse

My daughter found my three year old neighbor's purse the other day and loved it. So it was high time to make her a purse. I like the ruched tulle in front, even if I didn't change my thread color, and its too dark for the purse. I like that her purse is so trendy.
She likes it too.
I know these pictures look posed. But I had to chase her to get these pictures. She liked her purse so much she thought I was going to take it away. She used it all day. I didn't even have to show her how to put it on her shoulder, she just knew.

Post Script: I have plans of more purses for my daughter. Does she need them no? Do I need to craft apparently. I want to make a purse with some flowers on front, and one with a big bow on front. (I like to type out post script is sounds more elegant, than ps)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Clipies

Wahoo, I made some clippies yesterday. I had fun. Do you see the bows on three of the four?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Play Food, going nuts

I really would like to have a play kitchen. One of the house we were looking at buying a year and half ago, had the bizarrest mother in law kitchen you ever saw in the basement. We had visions of turning it into a play house-- that was actually my husband's idea. But I loved it even more because it was his. Anyway, the house is long gone, but I still would love to have a play kitchen. I'm now on the look out for fake food I could make out of calicoes, after that carrot. It was so fun!
Here are about a million sites online that talk about take food crafts. Most are felt but I don't have felt, I would like to do calico instead because its prettier. Anyway, I didn't want to lose them so here they are so I can find them at later dates.
My fun started on homemade by jill.
I would love to copy the kitchen. I knew I could make one, but I didn't know how until looking here. Here is another play kitchen. Plus how fantastic directions, and her flickr group. DIY furniture overwhelms me I hated painting our kitchen chairs. And here is yet another.
I love the egg, or instead of fried eggs the whole egg
My kids eat tomato slices with their dad
See this is totally my style on V and Co, we love to eat strawberries
bananas or corn, one's a favorite of the little one, the other the big one
oh we love ice cream and graham crackers
not to mention birthday cake, I love the candles, like so love
How could we have a play kitchen without sugar cookies (don't see them, keep scrolling)
Bread and about a billion more ideas
Grapes, but really should I just buy my kids non toy plastic grapes because they are sooo fun to squeeze?
I don't really like the taste of fortune cookies, but in idea I love them.
"I make stuff" gave me lots of picture ideas which is super helpful, because I don't read instructions
What about some dirt for a garden, I like the foam pool noodle idea.
Oh and I guess I should post lettuce, even if it is rabbit food, I guess we do have a lot rabbits in our house (5 stuff bunnies, my husband says they multiple like real rabbits), could easily do that with some great green calico
Plus lets not forget the donuts, we absolutely love donuts, well all except dad who thinks they are a waste of money.
I'm not sure if I'm actually the type of person capable of making a play kitchen, but I can dream and convince my mom she wants to help. I do know I'm definitely the type of person that will at least make half a dozen pieces of fake food with material before I decided I'm done! (a pun intended, done means cooked, the proper word there would be finished.)
You may wonder why I posted this instead of just using my web's bookmarks, its because computers in my house have a nasty habit of being reformed and then all my bookmarks disappear. Which why my husband says I should use foxmarks, but foxmarks, or xmarks, whatever it is called these days always ends up deleting all my bookmarks, I gave up.

And nothing to do with anything, but last time I was talking to Teresa say mentioned bean bags. Bean Bags would be a fun way to use up my scraps, my kids LOVE bean bags.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old Bunny's Second Birthday of the season

My son's friend had a birthday party this week. Which meant Old Bunny needed a birthday. Long story short, I ended up making old bunny a carrot. It was a super easy project and I think it looks quite good.
Have you become acquainted with Old Bunny? If you haven't I think you ought to should.

Old Bunny is extremely important in our family we can't leave on vacation without him. But he is not allowed to leave the car on vacation. I'm sure he will become even more important when in a year from now I get rid of the thumb sucking blanket, but until then he is only supplementary he is not needed for bed time and such.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Green Bow Tie

My brother is about to get married, and my son loves ties. The adult ties are lime green (I think) I was going to try and find one at a store for kids until my son said he wanted a bow tie. So I made him a green and black bow tie. Yes, I made a bow tie!
It was actually fairly easy but about half of it was hand sewing. The center of the bow is a little two wide for his collar opening. I think its the wrong color green, not to mention its a calico not a silky polyester. It was my first attempt with a scrap before I went and bought some material.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How we roll

This is how we roll. Baby wearing with tube slings.

This is actually a sling I made almost a year ago for my son while at Grammy's. It ended up too small. But now it fits my daughter.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Necklaces from December

After christmas my husband and I spent almost a $100 on beads and other supplies for jewelry. All I have to show for it is this purple necklace. That's not really true, but this is one of the necklaces I made with those supplies.
I also made this turquoise necklace. All the turquoise beads were from my mom's supplies she let me have. But I did buy all the silver after christmas.

Unfortunately the long silver beads aren't the best of quality, and the large turquoise is quite heavy, so after wearing it for a month, my daughter busted the string when pulling on it. When I restrung it I double strung it, hopefully it lasts. Here's crossing my fingers. Miraculously, when it busted we didn't lose any beads.

I've thought for a long time those big turquoise breads were pretty so I tried to find some that were the same but less invasive. Which I didn't accomplish which is why I made the turquoise necklace afterward. These are just little jade beads.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pink Princess

I made my niece a birthday crown to go with the Burger King toy we have been saving for her. Its Pinkalicious. I've now made so much stuff I really should read the book.
When I planned to crown in my head I didn't plan on the pink cupcake but I already had a crown cut out with fusible stiffness on it, and a cupcake drawn on. So I was forced to embroider. All of the jewels on the cupcake are going to fall off except the top pink one. The large purple ones and the pink one where the only ones with sewing holes, the rest are glued on and will fall off. Oh well, its not perfect, not only that I did a bad job on the back elastic.

J wears his birthday crown all the time. As you may recall I made one last year for him. He loves it, and during his birthday this year he wore it for a week straight.

Monday, May 10, 2010


This mother choice of desert is cheesecake. Normally for things like my birthday I buy cake or cheesecake, or chocolate silk pie for my special day. But I've decided I want to learn how to make cheesecake so I saved my $10 and made myself one.

I started easy, made a basic recipe. I was excited because I didn't have any gaping cracks down the middle. Turns out its because it didn't cook enough. Even after being in the fridge for two days the middle didn't set up. I still eat it, its enjoyable. I'll probably finish the whole thing by myself. That's not true I shared some with my daughter.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers and Keys

I made a few more key chains, because really I was having so much fun. And also because I know a few moms who have had a hard year. And really nothing says motherhood better, than digging through your overflowing bag with diapers and snacks looking for keys while trying to keep your children from running in front of a car in the parking lot.
Am I the only one that has that problem?
Even if they never use the key chains its always nice to get something in the mail.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Plans

I have plans of recovering this dora chair that's in the background. It would be lovely if it was pink and green and matched with the rest of her stuff. Right now it would be classified as the opposite.
I might be crazy. I might fail.
But I'm saving my JoAnns 50% off coupon to go buy some pink and green, or maybe just pink, or just green duck. I'm also positive I'm scared to take the dora cover off that foam.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My daughter has flowers

Wahoo, I was having so much fun making flowers, I made my daughter some nice girly color flowers. I actually only have one white tin, basket wall thing. I moved it into her bedroom for her flowers, and mine are in a vase on a bookshelf.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silver Baby Bracelet

I finally made more baby bracelets with clasps instead of elastic, so she can't pull them off. Some of the time she wears the bracelet, and other times she screams and pulls at it, until I take it off.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Only one Sister

My sister had a girl, which is great, there are entirely too many boys in my family. So of course she got a baby blanket. Its so bright and fun, I think at least. My sister at least use to like brights for babies and kids, not pastels.
Then since I only have one sister, I can't just send a blanket. So I thought she might be in need of a keychain. She is an urban mother after all, and I can't even imagine walking places with two kids.
But honestly that just wasn't enough when you only have one sister. Here baby is going to be a summer baby, so I sent some large summer baby sheets. Not sheets, just one layer blankets. My daughter wouldn't have survived last summer without these types of blankets, even though she is a winter baby, because she loves blankets SOO much.
The whole care package. I sent some flower toys, that I DID NOT make to my older niece, she doesn't need to be left out. And they were all sent in an overly large bright starry bubble mailer. The last of its kind (long story).

Just for the record, my sister does speak French, so she will know what the blanket says. I do not, but I bought the material because I thought it was cute, not because my sister speaks french. Here are some internet translations.
Ma Poule is my hen, luckily I the first page I found, informed me that french have a lot of pet names from farm animals. Whether this is true or not, is beside the point, textbooks are not real life. Anyway, I guess basically any farm animal can be a pet name.
Petite Cocotte is my little hen (informal)
Cot Cot Codet I guess is cluck cluck

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My new purse

I made a new purse today. Its huge, after a bunch of of seam ripping its smaller than it was. But this way I have room to take my kids out of the house. I don't like carrying two bags, ie a purse and a diaper bag. Plus huge bags are in style.
I'm so proud of my bottom pleats.
It has lots of compartments and pockets. Enough that my husband says I'll lose stuff. I wish I new how to make a button hole, I looked up the instructions but it seemed hard I was tired.
It has a middle divider so to keep the diapers and snacks on the opposite side as my wallet and cell phone. Speaking of cell, I put in a cell phone pocket, those are my favorite in purses.
I love pretty calicos.

And fabric flowers