Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I found this cute tutorial, that I barely followed at all, but still after seeing it, I knew I needed to put my scraps to good use. (I know mine totally don't look professional like the tutorial. But Teresa tells me I don't want my sewing to look professional, how will people know I know how to sew?) I had a wrist band thing keychain already that I used all the time but it was so ugly, just a skinny black piece of nylon. I don't know where it came from. This is much more me.
Then I needed one for our pool keys. Once again I had a long black ugly nylon one. I love black and brown together, so I figured it would be a perfect use. I know its not manly looking, but at least its not floral for when my husband goes to the pool.
Seriously I love black and brown, I love the same polka dots (but different color) with the brown square. Oh speaking of the tutorial, it calls for ribbon, I only had white ribbon in that width, so I had to improvise, I like calico there better anyway, plus I'm trying to not spend money. On my first key chain on the top, I use skinny ribbon, and trying to make it purposelessly look messy. I think it looks accidentally messy but oh well.
Then my mom was in town this weekend, and once she saw my key chains of course she wanted one. She likes blue and yellow, I know this is mostly green but still. She did pick the material.

I forgot to mention I think the tutorial calls for wonder under, I don't know she called it something else. I only had light interfacing, which is what I used, because I was trying not to spend money. I don't usually understand directions (blame it on my dyslexia), this being a case in point. So I was left to my own devises after looking at her pictures.

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