Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Pillows

I felt over run by neutrals, I have a beighish/whitesh couch, and cream reclinder, and white walls. I needed so serious color even if it is too bright. I love my new pillows, they are so springy and bright, and green I love bright green. It will match great with my fake container of green grass, and all my other green knickknacks.

This pillow is kind of cool, I found felt buttons.


  1. those are sooo good!
    I love the button flower ones and the girl chillin on them is awesome! makes it worth every second of sewing them!

  2. Love 'em! Oh my gosh, how is she so big? That scares me how fast it goes by.

  3. It does go by fast, but my daughter is teeny. She isn't even 20 lbs. She is 16 months old and in 12 month clothes, not 18.