Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This was my favorite ornament on my mom's tree, I think its because I had princess on the brain from my daughter's 1st birthday party.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Makeshift Advent

Being at grammy's meant we had to leave the advent calendar. My boy had a hard time understanding it was getting closer to Christmas so we had to make an ad hoc advent at grandma's. And it true me form, I went over the top. Eight pieces of candy individually wrapped with ribbon, counting down the days to Christmas. The clothespins attach them to a ribbon behind. He loved it and had so much fun opening up all the presents. But I don't think I could do 24 presents in the future, after 8 presents I wanted to run away.

More Stockings

I also ended up making 5 stockings for a sister in law and her family, for the family gift exchange present. She left a comment years ago saying she liked them. You should be careful what you post on my comments. I have been slightly obsessed with tulle since my daughter came into the picture.
I'm always surprised what stocking ends up being my favorite for the year. This ended up being my favorite, I absolutely loved how the prints and the colors look together.

Monday, December 21, 2009

09 Stockings

Here are two stockings I made. One for my brother's girlfriend. He requested green.

And one for my cute nephew. I miss him, it is the first year in at least 5 years if not more, I'm not going to see my brother's family for at least part of Christmas. It is sad, I miss all of them.
I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get any stitching to show up on the stocking top. I also wanted yellow rick rack for the border, but couldn't find the right shade, and I was so tied to the idea of yellow that I bought bias tape to go under some red.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Princess Cake

For some strange reason I decided to make a fancy cake for a one year old. I know the logical thing to do would have been to make easy cupcakes, but yet the castle was calling my name. It knew even though I didn't think I would be good with a daughter, I am having way too much fun making princess cakes, putting my daughter in dresses and buying dolls. Oh don't forget ruffles. Anyway, here it is. I'm hesitant to post it, because it is quite pathetic looking. I got lazy, and didn't feel like spending two hours, covering the cake in green frosting vines, or pipping around the edges, so I put candy on it and called it done. The kids were excited about it, and that's all that matters.
This is one of her favorite toys, a Baby Gund Princes Playset. It has green vines on the sides. So I was going to copy that sort of, except mine was round (I wanted a 6 inch cake pan). I have a bowl of white frosting sitting in the fridge waiting to be turned blue. But she liked it all the same.

Monogram Pillow

I felt like I needed a plain simple monogrammed pillow, so I could fit into the craft blogging community. Clearly I embroidered myself.
Then I figured on the back instead of having it plain, might as well have a fancy H.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Its Christmas again, and we are students again too

Feeling the downsize of an apartment from a house, I didn't set up much Christmas this year. I didn't feel like I had the room to do much more, and keep my sanity.
But finally my Christmas Quilt was ready to be hung up. Our stocking advent didn't seem to fit anywhere other than this wall. I love those little stockings!
We are back to our three foot tall mini Christmas tree hand me down from my grandma. Its a little homely, ie lopsided, but I think that is why my husband likes it. Only a portion of our ornaments fit, and even with a portion there is way too many. It started to fall over as my three and half year old stacked the front, so it is fully loaded in the back for balance too. With my tree nativity on the wall in the back, and a vintage Santa behind the tree. I love tree that are just chalked full of mismatched ornaments that all have a story to tell. I can tell you the origin and story behind every ornament we own. (I guess I should have posted the tree lit up, since the star is all lit up too.)
Our stockings are hung over the bookcase with care.
The small portion of decorations I put up that fit on my one flat space. Trees, nutcrackers, nativities, and a snowwoman.
The only other decorations I pulled out this year. I am oh so excited about my mistletoe ball. I have been looking for fake mistletoe to hang up ever since my husband and I got married, and this year while I was out with some sister in laws at a store I didn't even plan on going to, I found it!
That is it this year. But I love the little bit I did do so I had to take pictures. Oh I also put out the Nativity Pillows, which my baby is convinced is not a decoration but a toy on that belongs on the floor.

Christmas Craft

I only have one christmas craft this year. It is left over from years past, two rental housings ago. I finally finished it with the help of my mom. My Christmas Wall Quilt, it turned out way larger than I was originally planned, but I hate to waste material so this is how large it ended up.