Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its Christmas again, and we are students again too

Feeling the downsize of an apartment from a house, I didn't set up much Christmas this year. I didn't feel like I had the room to do much more, and keep my sanity.
But finally my Christmas Quilt was ready to be hung up. Our stocking advent didn't seem to fit anywhere other than this wall. I love those little stockings!
We are back to our three foot tall mini Christmas tree hand me down from my grandma. Its a little homely, ie lopsided, but I think that is why my husband likes it. Only a portion of our ornaments fit, and even with a portion there is way too many. It started to fall over as my three and half year old stacked the front, so it is fully loaded in the back for balance too. With my tree nativity on the wall in the back, and a vintage Santa behind the tree. I love tree that are just chalked full of mismatched ornaments that all have a story to tell. I can tell you the origin and story behind every ornament we own. (I guess I should have posted the tree lit up, since the star is all lit up too.)
Our stockings are hung over the bookcase with care.
The small portion of decorations I put up that fit on my one flat space. Trees, nutcrackers, nativities, and a snowwoman.
The only other decorations I pulled out this year. I am oh so excited about my mistletoe ball. I have been looking for fake mistletoe to hang up ever since my husband and I got married, and this year while I was out with some sister in laws at a store I didn't even plan on going to, I found it!
That is it this year. But I love the little bit I did do so I had to take pictures. Oh I also put out the Nativity Pillows, which my baby is convinced is not a decoration but a toy on that belongs on the floor.

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