Friday, December 12, 2008

The last holiday craft of 2008

These little pillows are pretty self explanatory I think. The buttons are about 1/2 inch tall. I decided to put the phrase 'believe in hope', from Elder Uchtdorf's talk in October. There is no point in celebrating Christmas if we don't have hope in the redeeming power of our Savior, right?
Here are the wise men
Together next to each other on the mantle. They are too little for the couch, they would get lost under someone when they sat down.
Here is the back material, I absolutely love it. It is so unlike anything a chain store like JoAnns would sell. I bought it two years ago in March on super clearance at a quilting shop. I usually can't afford quilting shops.

Now its time for the baby to come. Sure, since I'm over due I bet some of you faithful readers are waiting in anticipation to figure out when the baby is coming. I'm boycotting talking about it, because the baby is boycotting being born. She is getting close though, and when she is done with her boycott, I will post a terrible picture of a newborn, and your anticipation will be over. Tonight is a full moon, and it is suppose to storm all weekend. Both good signs in my opinion, my first was born in the middle of a snow storm, so I've been waiting for the storm to come.


  1. Good luck to you and the baby! (Are you supposed to say 'good luck' to someone about to go into labor? I don't know birthing etiquette.)

    Love the pattern on those pillows as well. They're so cute.

  2. Those pillows are marvelous.

    I actually have been waiting in anticipation for any baby news. Shall I go outside and petition the moon for you?

  3. I have always been envious of your pillow making abilities!