Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snowwoman Ballet

I few weeks ago in a craft store ad I saw a skinny snowwoman, and I thought that is the snowman for my house. I went to the store planning to spend about $10, it was $25, I decided no. It wasn't as cute in real life less ballerina like and more gaudy woman like. So I decided to make my own. The two look nothing a like, I love mine, especially way more than the one in the store. The tutu is huge, for the size of the snowman.
Here is what she looks like on our key spot. I have a thing for gaudy christmas tree cones.

Plus it only took one nap time to make.


  1. So cute!

    Christmas tree cones rule.

  2. did i see one of those in the nutcracker?

  3. I have a thing for the Tree Cones too...my husband doesn't understand. Email me your address sometime so we can send you a Christmas card (thebynumfamily@gmail.com)