Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally a big brother

I made a gift bag for my son when I was at the hospital. I got this gift bag at his baby shower, still works.
First things first I wanted him to have a big brother shirt, which I made the applique.The other things in the bag were books. A birth scrapbook, and My New Baby, its very something, the mom nurses in it, which I was unaware of when I bought the book from Amazon. But there are no words, a lot of people in the reviews said they were disappointed with the lack of words, other said they liked that it didn't fill the kids head up with ideas like being jealous. Speaking of new baby books, I also like The New Baby by Mercer Mayer. He has become one of the favorites to pick up at the library. He does include a plot, but doesn't mention negitive emotions a toddler might feel, we have checked it out a few times.
I envisioned the scrapbook to sort of being a thing to explain to J about where mommy is what she is doing. Not to mention, I need a place to store things like our medical bracelets.His baby socks, and baby hat.Yes I know a little over the top. But as my husband said about my advent calendar, its not your style to do something simple.

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