Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A necklace from forever ago

I made this the second to last time my mom was in town. The pendant was an earring on clearance at World Market, (by the way there is one 15 minutes away from my new place, I love world market)
My mom has the other earring on a necklace, but hers is slightly different. She doesn't have green turquoise in hers, she save those for something else. I've gotten more compliments on this necklace than any other I've made. If you are thinking my necklaces are ugly don't tell me. (I was afraid the bone china beads it looked like pukka shells, I have been assured they don't.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Curtains a month and half ago

A month and half ago I got sick of not having my bathroom curtains not matching my outer shower curtain. I went shopping, at Bed Bath and Beyond I found table runners on clearance, I bought two, and made them into curtains, for $3 plus about 30 minutes of time.
I know my window looks way dirty. But we live on the second story, and I have no idea how to clean the outside of the window, and heck if I'm going to pay someone to clean my cheap apartment's second story windows outside.

This was the first day I put them up, so the wrinkles hadn't disappeared yet. I have to tie them back or our bathroom is pitch black 24 hours a day. I need natural moonlight in the bathroom because of pregnancy.
Close up, and a close up of my shower curtain in case you forgot. I think my bathroom looks really great now. Sort of, what I have done to it, I still have a yellow shower, and a mildewy floorboards, but I have tried to fix that.

New curtains to enjoy for a total of three months before a move.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Did I mention...

A few weeks ago my mom was at my house for two days. She was very busy during that time. I was planning to make the skirt but she made it for me, to accommodate my expanding waist line so I don't have rent.

I made this with the remaining material. I wonder if it was ok to post pictures of both, but White Elegance Website has similar pictures, so I decided it was fine. Click on the picture to see a close up of what the material looks like.
Close up of the lace and flower. I asked my husband if it was too gaudy, and he said what, its all white. So I figured it was fine.
I didn't want knee high stocking hanging out my dress, so instead we added a gusset. I love that part, it makes me feel so polished.

She also sewed the border on the blanket I made for my children. She and my aunt tied the blanket, while I thread the needles. It was like the olden days when the women all help to get the quilt done.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finishing Projects

Remember this post. Well here is the finished product. Click to enlarge all photos.
A blanket for my children. He loves to look at all the bees.I included the pockets from the pants, its always fun to have a place for treasures or babies (somehow thats what stuff animals are called in our house). Here is the close up of the embroidery I added. We have a deal in my household, I get to blog as long as I don't put our last name. Considering my husband use to loathe blogging I figure its fair. We often sing that hymn in Family Home Evening, I thought the Ether scripture tied the other two blocks together. Not to mention back to the hymn, I do think my son sounds very very sweet when he sings songs.The back side.
Post Script the blocks are suppose to be uneven.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baby Blanket Mania

In the last two months I have made 6 baby blankets. Which is quite a lot, I think.
It started off with Brent's best friend from high school's first born son. See the mini card, I thought it was so cute!
Next my sister asked for a second, for her 6 month old. Which I was happy to oblige a fan. Truth be known, she is the one that started this whole baby blanket thing, giving me one when I was 4 years old or so. And I still have it and use it in the summer, because it is so lightweight and soft. So she can clearly make one but she is a little busy trying to be come a doctor of educational psychology.
Next one of my sister in laws who wrote me a rousing thank you note, saying how much she has enjoyed the last 8 months of her daughters baby blanket, and how amazing it is, and amazing I am. I really like thank you notes from her she never fails to tell me I'm talented. So truly in this case since I was already making some I had to make her another one if she is going to the love the first so much. I big a fan of multiple baby blankets to make laundry easier. She didn't ask I just surprised her. I had to make her a colorful one because the email pointed out liking the colors. While my sister's blanket isn't so colorful other than the pink ties. I like black, white and small amounts pink in florals, is so Rococo. I think.These next two are suppose to be semi matching. But not the same, really just not clashing, I had a real hard time finding 4 pieces of material that matched. If they don't, don't tell me. I love the first one, both sides of the material. Really you should click on all these pictures so you can admire the material close up. I love material.
I love the first of these, but the second I think fits so many personalities of mothers I'm related to. Ok, I don't know about so many, but at least one on each side. I'll keep the personalities anonymous in case the personality itself does not agree.
This is the blanket I already mentioned. The one I made because my husband loves me so. I have recently kind of stopped putting names on the blankets. But my husband made a direct attempt to really remember the child's name so I knew that meant he really wanted a name embroidered. Its for one of his mission friend's first born son. Not to mention, I put my son's first and middle name on his blanket, and so my husband expects the same for his old mission comps but I didn't comply I never do, only my own children get middle treatment. Normally I wouldn't pick a sports theme. But I don't really know the couple that well, and I struggle find boy prints, and my husband told me to get sports. This soccer printed looked about as quilty as a sports theme could so I got it, and because they served in Chile, so of course Football is big.This is not a blanket yet. I love all three of these colors in this print. I love stars. I originally bought the blue because I thought it would be a good boy print, but since I've found all three colors, I don't know if I can give away these prints in blankets, maybe I'll have to make a blanket for me. Oh I love these! Really it is love.