Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Curtains a month and half ago

A month and half ago I got sick of not having my bathroom curtains not matching my outer shower curtain. I went shopping, at Bed Bath and Beyond I found table runners on clearance, I bought two, and made them into curtains, for $3 plus about 30 minutes of time.
I know my window looks way dirty. But we live on the second story, and I have no idea how to clean the outside of the window, and heck if I'm going to pay someone to clean my cheap apartment's second story windows outside.

This was the first day I put them up, so the wrinkles hadn't disappeared yet. I have to tie them back or our bathroom is pitch black 24 hours a day. I need natural moonlight in the bathroom because of pregnancy.
Close up, and a close up of my shower curtain in case you forgot. I think my bathroom looks really great now. Sort of, what I have done to it, I still have a yellow shower, and a mildewy floorboards, but I have tried to fix that.

New curtains to enjoy for a total of three months before a move.

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