Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scripture Bag

Without the title do you know what this is?  I made it with my new found sewing desk space.
For months my CTR 4, has been asking for a scripture bag.  He diligently brings his Book of Mormon to church.  Where we use to live they encouraged all the kids whether they could read or not to bring their sciptures.  No one seems to care here, but luckily the habit is set.  So I finally, made him one.  He of course picked this material out of my stores. Inside there is a pocket for his scripture marking crayons, and a pencil pocket holder thing, slots for three pens.  Now he doesn't have to bother me for one.
I used no pattern, measured wrong, and my fusible webbing didn't work, so the bag took me twice as long as expected.  Two nap times instead of one.


I'm sure this doesn't look beautiful to most of you.  
But it is a thing of beauty.  
A sewing machine and laptop all on one desk, my husband sure knows how to make me twitterpated. 
Plenty of room to use both at the same time.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New and Improved Pillow

 Remember this pillow?  Well over the last year and half, I've really come to hate it. In the picture it looks all nice and new in shiny, but in reality, it was old and pilly. So I tore it apart, and put this monogram H on the pillow. While pulling apart the flowers I was very nervous, and wondered if I was making a huge mistake. It ended up no mistake, but perfect. I love it.
 I decided to pull it apart, because I still love these pillows and to it seemed like I needed three pillows so I had to do something, because I absolutely hated those felt buttons by now.  My husband likes my new pillow because he doesn't like buttons on pillows whether they are felt or plastic.
 I got the monogram H from this vase my mom's friend made me.  I think your suppose to put a votive in or something, but I figured out it perfect for our puzzle pieces that don't stay together.
The monogram pillow idea came from, Martha Stewart September 2011 issue.  I loved the spread about them, because I love monograms so much!  But in true Martha form, the article is no where to be found online, only this tutorial. I found this picture so inspiring so I had to post it. I'm starting to dream up more monogram ideas based on this pillow, but who knows if I'll follow through.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Stella

My cousin just had her first baby, and in fact the first baby in their family, so everyone was obviously super excited-- the first grandkid.  Since I had been with them during my others cousin's wedding.  I had to make her a baby blanket, in a way to relive the fun of the wedding.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Alpha Wall

Here is my last creation/completion.  It took a few months, but I love it, and so glad I spent the money collecting the alphabet in our game room. I got the idea here.
I was so pleased with myself, when I hung 24 letters and had to finish making the last two.  Two friends were over and one said, oh my sister-in-law did that but, all her letters matched color scheme, it didn't quite work.  But I could see where she was going with it, I love the way yours turned out.
I think mine is actually extremely chaotic in comparison to the examples, but that is me right?!
The real eyesore, is that R S U are so large all together, but I loved them all, so they stayed. 
P.S. I know this picture is too big for the template, but it needed to be done.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Stenciling Plan

I decided today that I want to stencil over my son's closet:
Scripture Power
everyday I need the power that I get each time I read 

Although stencil is a loose term for me, more like free hand with a pencil, then paint.