Thursday, August 18, 2011

New and Improved Pillow

 Remember this pillow?  Well over the last year and half, I've really come to hate it. In the picture it looks all nice and new in shiny, but in reality, it was old and pilly. So I tore it apart, and put this monogram H on the pillow. While pulling apart the flowers I was very nervous, and wondered if I was making a huge mistake. It ended up no mistake, but perfect. I love it.
 I decided to pull it apart, because I still love these pillows and to it seemed like I needed three pillows so I had to do something, because I absolutely hated those felt buttons by now.  My husband likes my new pillow because he doesn't like buttons on pillows whether they are felt or plastic.
 I got the monogram H from this vase my mom's friend made me.  I think your suppose to put a votive in or something, but I figured out it perfect for our puzzle pieces that don't stay together.
The monogram pillow idea came from, Martha Stewart September 2011 issue.  I loved the spread about them, because I love monograms so much!  But in true Martha form, the article is no where to be found online, only this tutorial. I found this picture so inspiring so I had to post it. I'm starting to dream up more monogram ideas based on this pillow, but who knows if I'll follow through.

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