Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scripture Bag

Without the title do you know what this is?  I made it with my new found sewing desk space.
For months my CTR 4, has been asking for a scripture bag.  He diligently brings his Book of Mormon to church.  Where we use to live they encouraged all the kids whether they could read or not to bring their sciptures.  No one seems to care here, but luckily the habit is set.  So I finally, made him one.  He of course picked this material out of my stores. Inside there is a pocket for his scripture marking crayons, and a pencil pocket holder thing, slots for three pens.  Now he doesn't have to bother me for one.
I used no pattern, measured wrong, and my fusible webbing didn't work, so the bag took me twice as long as expected.  Two nap times instead of one.

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