Monday, June 25, 2012

Carseat Canopy

I really really wanted a carseat canopy for this baby, my daughter is just barely too old for them.  They were out, but just barely, so that I saw no one use one until she was about 6 months old. I used this tutorial, and was surprised at how long it took me.  That says nothing ill about the tutorial, just my skills. I wanted my cover to have ties not buttons or Velcro.  
Then I just used calico on the inside, I didn't want anything too warm.  Our babies move young, so he'll be crawling before the winter is over, I won't have a very long shelf life on this thing.  But the cover matches the carseat!
 When I started on the craft since we didn't have a name picked out, I used the H monogram for our last name, and added babe. Then I guess if I have another boy, I can still use it again!  Ignore the fact my crayon hasn't worn off yet.
I love it, I think it is beautiful.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Subway Art

There are only so many lifetimes you can spend on pinterest before you start to feel left out that your house has no subway art.  Actually I just really liked the Fourth of July subway art and wanted to embrace the fad. Plus I'm low on Fourth of July crafts/decorations.
Also this year I'm on the Relief Society Activities committee, which means I had to come up with a craft for Freaky Friday.  That is not the name, I can never remember it, they changed it from Super Saturday to Friday night.  I was really quite trilled, I couldn't wait to find a hip new craft, not the same ol' same ol'. By the way I was suppose to come up with multiple ideas.  I thought of a subway art frame, where you can change the pages.  Here is what I made.  As I stayed up finishing this craft the night before the meeting, at 11 o'clock that night I knew they wouldn't pick it.
I think overall it was too hip.  Instead, I am in charge helping ladies of making my wreath. Maybe I was just more bossy when it came to a wreath, pretty much every Mormon who walks into my house, tells me we should make a wreath like that for a RS craft. Funny thing is a wreath is hardly the new hip craft, but they have made a resurgence in the craft community and a widely popular. 
Back to the subway art though, don't you love that summer subway art?!  I think its fabulous! I'm sure my idea is not original but I realized, why.. why why why would you want a different frame for each holiday, who wants one more thing to store even if its only an 8x10 frame, plus why buy 10 or 12 frames?!  That is a waste of money.  So this frame matches with my kitchen, and I can just trade them out from behind, its perfect.  I love the rosette I made for it, it is left over fabric from my kitchen curtains. Plus I decided to add pearls this time.  Here is the tutorial for the rosettes, I don't use fabric glue, I just use glue gun on low, and burn my finger tips.
Although the frame is not that easy to open, so maybe, one day I will change it up.  Its on top of my hutch.  I also spent hours pinning all the most perfect subway art pictures in my opinion.  Slightly a waste, but I didn't realize it was too hip of a craft until the night before, hours after I searched down a unique subway art design for each month. Check out my subway art board.  (I mean unique as in I didn't want the same designer month after month.)

Remember These

Remember these?  I made them for my sisters/sister in laws I that I saw last Christmas.  Well my mom felt real left out she didn't get one.  So we bought frames at goodwill, since I wanted one too, and then I couldn't bare to sand the frames, oh the thought of it sounded so nauseating to me.  Finally a month ago, I just grinned and bared it, outside during nice weather.  Oh course it only took about 5 minutes to sand them, but then a good 15 minutes to clean the glass. The frame color and painting is definitely different then the last set, but that's the way I craft.
This is my mom's, she wanted a big one.  The print is only 8.5x11, but I think the frame is a 11x14.
 Here is mine.  I used a different background then the others, I'm not sure if I like it better. There is a pretty good chance, I just like mine the least amount, maybe I need a mat.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm going to a baby shower tonight.  My friend is having a girl next month, I made a blanket, and two matching burp cloths for her.
The burp clothes are the calico on one side, and striped chenille on the other side.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More projects

Turns out I have more unposted projects.  My daughter went to another birthday party, back in April.  This is the crown I made for it.  Who knows what they thought of a homemade present?  I think it turned out wonderfully.

Two finished

I have a new niece, the only one born this year, we just saw her last week. She was about four weeks old, I think. Here is the blanket I made for her.  For some reason this blanket was my Eleanor.  Normally I whip out these blankets, but for some reason I really struggled with this blanket.  I love it though, because I like purple. Luckily, her mom seems excited to receive it.
 By the way, for the sake of privacy, I use to not post pictures with the names of my nieces and nephews that embroiderer on the back of the blanket but now looking back I can't always remember what blanket went to what baby.  So privacy is going the way of privacy online, sorry.
My daughter absolutely loved her new cousin, and want to be very helpful.
She also adored her new boy cousin who is two month olds.  There are still two more boys to be born both in August.  Its a race to see who wins! (I'm sure I'll lose, I go late, and I'm due a week later.)
Oh no, I just tried to link up the last baby blanket I made, for the two month old, but I couldn't find it, turns out I didn't post it, so here it is.
I have had this green material for so long.  Its been waiting for the right baby boy, a baby boy born to parents who wouldn't mind wrapping their son in beetles, frogs and lizards. I will also say it was hard to find a backing, but I think the orange polka dots are perfect!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I made a back for my baby quilt.  I didn't want just a plain piece of white material.  
 Close up now, I got the circle idea from my this wonky baby quilt, but I did my circles differently then they did.
Now my mother has the quilt, she is quilting it together for me thankfully!