Friday, September 30, 2011

New and Improved Fall Wreath

A few weeks ago I figured out that the hot crafts this fall are yarn wreaths, felt flowers, and burlap.  Burlap is so vogue.
My fall wreath needed an update anyway, so I decided to make felt flowers to add to it.  I was quite nervous about cutting my flowers, because I spent 1.25 on felt from loose change in my purse and didn't want to waste my loose change.

I was thinking I needed to add more flowers around the top corner of the H, but my friends assured me it was great like this. As I was petrified to cut my felt, I stared at a multitude of websites:
and here is a great template, but I'm sorry I don't know where it came from :(

So I know you are disappointed that my whole wreath is not yarn.  I still like my fall wreath, it just needed and update.  I'm also planning a yarn wreath, just not for fall.

and these wreaths were inspiring

Just in case you were wondering, I love fall, purple, orange and green. I wish I had a fall wedding so my colors could have been purple and orange.  Oh October would have been a lovely time for a wedding, my husband felt it would be too soon, instead we had a blue and white snowflake post christmas wedding.  It was lovely too, but not purple and orange lovely.

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