Thursday, September 1, 2011

Treasure Box

The whole reason we had bare wood and paint out.  The whole reason we had pinkish/purple glitter: my son's friend turned 5.  She like him, loves all things junk and finding treasures, and adoring what other people would toss.  Since they share their love of treasure, sparkly things, and collecting, we had to do a treasure box for her birthday.  My son picked out the glitter at the store to cover her treasure box with.  The paint job is suppose to look antique so its white washed, err purple washed.  It was a huge success.  Everyone loved it especially the birthday girl.
 We even put some treasures in to start with.  But left plenty room for more.  Stupid blogger won't let me fix the direction of this picture.  I double checked it was flipped the right way before loading, and it still came like this.
Everyone loved it so much and it was so easy, I was thinking about making two more and giving them to my kids as christmas presents.  They BOTH actually help in this creation, but it would be a surprise for christmas. They both adore the birthday girl.

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