Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Backpacking Beanies

We were suppose to go backpacking about a month ago with another family.  The morning of I decided I was not going to carry heavy knit beanies for three people on my back. Sleeping in beanies is necessary, especially at our elevation.  So I quickly sewed up some fleece hats.  They are slightly hideous, but still great for sleeping. I made them super long, because the only thing I hate more than being cold in an old sleeping bag (my husband bought me a new one last year) is waking up cold because my beanie popped off my head. That way we can roll the brim lower and stay warmer!

 I used this pattern for mine.
The kids got bunny ones, because I knew they would think it was awesome.  I relearned an important lesson with fleece, make sure the stretch goes the right way before cutting and sewing.  Nan's was wrong :(

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