Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not Birthday Wreath

My husband was gone the weekend before my birthday. So I decided to pass my sadness away I would make a birthday wreath. I told you yarn wreaths were so trendy, I couldn't pass up a Friday night by myself at home to break into the trend.  It ended up a Lesli wreath not a birthday, because I bought purple and green supplies instead of family birthday color supplies.  Purple, green and gray are my favorite colors.  Not to mention I love bunting-- the circle flag things.
 I followed some bad blog advice and bought a straw wreath covered in plastic instead of a foam wreath.  The blog said it is easier to cover the plastic than foam. Not to mention I found out cheaper.  Down fall, my wreath is all lumpy like its filled with straw.  Its the Eeyore of wreaths. I really have no need or place for the wreath, so it hangs on the outside of our powder room door, because the bathroom is pale purple and the kitchen is green.  The extra added bonus is a can't knit or crochet so I never get to use yarn, but I got to!  And I ended up with a cute little adorable yarn ball.  Its like the pet cat I can't have.

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  1. I keep telling Jake when I decorate it's going to be green and gray and navy, loving those colors right now. LOVE THE WREATH and I'm not a wreath person. My favorite of yours so far. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!