Friday, October 21, 2011


I read this article the other day as I was ripping it up for paper mache, about Americans become better cooks.
It won't happen until we are willing to cook instead of follow directions.
It won't happen until we taste our food as we go, instead of eating it at the end.
It won't happen as long as we are stuck to measurements instead of weight amounts.

Well that pretty much sums up why my husband is a better cook than I am and why he cooks when we have dinner parties. When he makes his bread he weights it all with a food scale, and doesn't use measuring cups.    That being said, he can't keep up that stamina for dinner every night.  Sometimes dinner needs to be on the table, not feasted upon.  There is homework, and scouts, and baths, and books assignments, and shoes to learn to be tied.  I can't experiment with food every night.  Nor do I have a desire to change my cooking habits. I read that article and though oh well, I guess I won't be improving any time soon.  That being said, I could never make frosting, if I followed directions properly and never tasted it.  So I guess I occasionally I'm unAmerican in the kitchen, but rarely.
Not to mention I don't think I enjoy eating, or random food enough to be a serious cooker.  I don't like branching out, I'm picky, I'll be honest.

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  1. I think I would be a much better cook if I would follow directions.