Thursday, October 27, 2011


Pink Butterfly Robot is finished, 24 hours before my due date.  Hooray.  For some reason I hand sewed most of the robot part of the costume.  Instead of using a machine or a glue gun, so this robot took be the better part of two almost full days!   
Does it look like our pattern
I think I hand sewed it all because she wanted a soft front, not cardboard. She is about comfort.
I'm not sure if I like the black thread on the eye buttons.  I thought maybe it would look like pupils, I might pull it out and put pink in its place. As I worked on the hat, and looked at the robots I had pinned for inspiration.  I realized in sci-fi we love to humanize robots, eyes, and bolts or buttons for ears. When robots finally do take over, do think they will actually be as humanized as we make them in our imaginations?

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