Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lego Rock Monster

Before we started working on the butterfly robot, this is what we were doing.
Making Sulfurix the Lego Rock Monster, from Power Miners.
I was so ready to buy Halloween costumes, I had no desire to make a costume for the 6th year in a row.  But then my son became dead set on Lego Rock Monsters.  He had complete faith that I could make this costume, because I had made all of previous costumes.  But I had no idea how to make this costume.  Here is what the internet offered:
They helped a bit but overall I was very lost on where to start. I have only ever sewed a halloween costume.

  1. We ended up making sandwich board costume.
  2. I cut the cardboard the size of my child. 
  3. I painted the cardboard, with left over beige sample paint
  4. Then I covered it in yellow cellophane, twice so it would be brighter.
  5. Then I cut, and folded/molded cardboard rocks.
  6. Spray painted them gray.
  7. Glued them, lets hope they stay, fingers crossed.
  8. For the helmet I used a left over ice cream bucket, and cut the front to resemble the teeth. 
  9. My friend helped me paper mache it.  
  10. Then Spray painted it gray
  11. I cut the eyes from construction paper, and the red is crayon, then I mod podged them on the bucket.
My son thinks its perfect.  If I ever did it again, which I won't, I would make the front of the sandwhich board wider, so it I could make the rocks have the proper room.  I so wish the front board was 6 inches smaller, but J likes it that way.
By the way we didn't make lego hands, because how could he hold his candy if was holding lego hands.
I have to say, I ended up enjoying using the box cutter, and shaping the cardboard.

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